Why Portugal?

For many people, a wedding in Portugal begins and ends with the sunsoaked beaches of the Algarve. Don’t get me wrong, there are corners of the Algarve that are picture postcard idyllic, but I’m here to tell you that Portugal is so much more than that. This is a country with charisma. It’s ancient and weather-beaten and beautiful and wild. It’s a land filled with stories and a character all its own. I’ve been captivated by this place since I was a teenager, and as we plan your wedding together I’m so excited to be sharing my Portugal with you – in all its perfectly imperfect glory.

map of portugal - portugal wedding plann

The north of the country is Portugal’s birthplace – it resonates with history.
The soul of this region is the vibrant, twinkling and seriously cool city of
Porto. This crazy town has an amazing ability to get under your skin and into your heart!

Porto & The Minho is: 

- Buzzing streets filled with stories

- The clink of glasses and laughter

- Country manors and lush green vines


This is the heartland of Portugal. It’s where I spent my teen years so it’s very close to me. The landscape here is varied and rich, punctuated with walled cities, amazing monasteries and sweeping pine forests.


Estremadura & Ribatejo is:

- A place to make you believe in fairytales

- The jewel-box hilltop palaces of Sintra

- Walled towns and sunlit stone


Home to the thriving capital city of Lisbon – a place of faded glamour,
where colour and history combine into an atmosphere so strong you can almost taste it!

Lisbon is:

- Glittering nightlife

- Fado and rich red wine

- The rhythm of yellow trams on cobbled streets


Oh, how I love this wild and wide and open land! The Alentejo takes up the
largest swathe of Portugal but manages to remain a hidden gem. It’s full of surprises that I can’t wait to show you.

The Alentejo is:

- Hot, herb-scented breeze across the plains

- Rugged coastline and breaking waves and big skies

- A place lost in time

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