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Why Wedding Planners Aren't Just For Celebrities

I have been in the wedding industry for around 5 years. My first wedding was in February 2014 and I started the planning process in 2013. This wedding was the grandest and most luxurious wedding I had ever seen in my entire life, let alone knew existed. This high-end hotel and golf course transformed into a riot of ivory flowers and floating candles. Humongous trees table centres wowed guests and an evening stage that lit up a bright purple when the band began to play. The event was like a well oiled machine. Leila and Charlie had me and Debbie from Fabulous Together to thank for its execution, even though, at the time, I was just helping hands. The couple were both from wealthy families and as a kid from lowly East London, I thought “wow, so these are the types who have wedding planners. This is the life”.

Now 5 years on I know how wrong I was. I have since helped people from all walks of life with their wedding planning in different capacities at all scales of budget. Here are the three main reasons that couples choose to hire a wedding planner regardless of where they sit on the “wealth” scale.

Photo by Emmie Scott Photography | Coordination by me

You don’t know where to start

Let’s be honest. Event planning isn’t the most natural of human skills and a wedding is one of the most high-pressured and stressful events you’ll ever plan. On the stress scale, planning a wedding is up there with having a baby and moving. It’s big. And it’s in front of that uber rich friend who had the huge 300 guest wedding in Hawaii last month, your partner’s ex who he/she is super best friends with now and that Aunty who sniffs everything before she eats it. Yikes. Where do you even begin with such a mammoth task of trying to please all of these people and yourselves? You may consume all of the checklists and step by step guides on the internet but still feel really overwhelmed by the thought of it all.

When it comes to destination weddings, this can be even more nebulous. As a Portugal wedding planner, even I admit that some of the web searches and websites when sourcing suppliers here can be mildly confusing at best, nauseating at worst.

A wedding planner can help streamline the process, guiding you step by step and making you feel supported throughout. We tell you when you need to pay things, what choices are available to you, track your spending, style the whole thing, coordinate the day - basically hold your hand throughout until the day is done.

Photo by Marni V Photography | Planning and styling by me

You have no time

This is probably the number one reason why wedding planners exist. Maybe you have children, or a small business, or a full time job, or a graduate degree, or a volunteer gig, or combination of all of these things. Add onto that your day to day chores, time with your soon to be spouse, self care days (super important) and time with your friends and family. It roughly takes 150-250 hours to plan a wedding. Where are you going to find these in your week?

Now granted, I will not promise you that hiring a wedding planner means you’ll spend no time on your wedding. That’s baloney. Don’t let anyone promise you that because it just ain’t true. You will need to set aside some time to go through the supplier option we send to choose the one you want. We’ll also have meetings from time to time to catch up and keep things on track. Closer to the wedding day itself you are also way more involved than in the early supplier sourcing stages. However, my full time job as a wedding planner is working on your wedding. I am like your Google search that instead of yielding one million links from “portugal wedding photographer”, I have personally matched you with 4 that I think you’ll like. Much easier right? This is how we save you time. When it comes to the scheduling and logistics, we take over entirely here, liaising with suppliers and the venue to produce an on-the-day timeline that you simply have to approve.

I could go into the details of how we save you time but this would take over the whole blog... All this to say, if you’re time poor, definitely consider hiring a wedding planner.

Photo by Anne Schwarz Photography | Planning and styling by me

You just don’t want to plan your wedding

I feel like this is the reason that no one ever admits to. I am a rare creature that is not married and therefore did not get the wedding planning bug from plotting my own “I do”. I am the self-professed alien who is excited by a good looking spreadsheet, dreams about colourful table centres, gets off on creating detailed schedules, delights in hours of research and negotiation.

I do not expect you, dear reader, to be the same. It is 100% okay to admit that planning a wedding does not excite you that way, or it just seems too bothersome to do alone. I get it. There is alot of pressure for couples, brides in particular, to have had a plan in their minds from childhood and present a neat dossier of all their heart’s desires once the proposal finally arrives. I’m sure there are brides out there that feel this way. In my experience, most people get engaged, love the buzz of it and then think “ what… do we have to?”

No! You don’t have to. If you want the help because you can’t be asked with it all, a wedding planner is there to help.

Photo by Beatrici Photography | Planning and styling by me

Can you afford a wedding planner?

Now for the crux of this. I know that, despite all of this, you still may think a wedding planner is not for you because of the expense. I do understand this. The cost of a wedding planner would be eating into your wedding budget which you could spend in other areas. I understand.

With our negotiating powers and industry discounts, wedding planners often save couples money in the long run. We also (well I do) price services according to the couple’s requirements and budget to make sure that we are getting remunerated for the hard work we put in, whilst also making sure your unique budget constraints are accounted for.

You can create a great wedding with a planner and you can create a great wedding without one. It just depends on how much the guidance, time saving and simplifying means to you!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful on why wedding planners aren’t just for celebrities and rich people. Please do join the conversation on my YouTube Channel as I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.