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  • Olivia De Santos

Top 3 Modern Wedding Venues In Porto

Olivia here.

Porto will always have a huge piece of my heart. Granted I hate driving around there with a passion but the city's gothic, glittering charm cast a spell on me years ago and has never left. It's very likely I will move there in 2021 - subscribe to our YouTube channel as I'll definitely vlog that journey! Beyond my personal feelings, the Porto is home to some pretty impressive modern wedding venues. Not every wedding venue in Portugal is rustic so for the modern, glamorous, Porto-loving couples out there, this is for you!

The Astoria

Tucked away just 15mins from central Porto is the epitome of boho luxe style - The Astoria. Formerly known as the English House, this place has a level of polish and style that is unmatched in any venues that I have seen in the region. They have a supreme minimalist attention to detail, clean grounds and modern architecture. What I personally love most about this venue is the neighbouring wild field which could be a great ceremony location for the right couple. It doesn't mimic the poliish of the main venue at all, but it provides a different landscape before you step into the world of minimalist stylism that is the main venue. If that's not your thing, however, you also have a manicured lawn that could easily host your ceremony too. With wide open spaces, onsite orange trees and a slick floor-to-ceiling window main building, this is a great spot for those wanting a boho-minimalist wedding day!

Quinta do Alferes de Crasto

Set 20mins North of central Porto, this Quinta is perfect for the modern, fashionable couple. The metal, glass, marble and gold theme carries throughout, from the vast gardens to the bathrooms. This venue, however, is different to The Astoria in that it has an old way about them. With Quinta do Alferes de Crasto, you'll get truly traditional Portuguese wedding menus and an old familial style of customer service which contrasts The Astoria's more cutting edge style of doing things. This Quinta is a young venue with an old soul. Come to this venue for spectacular views, divine design details and old school Portuguese food.

Torre Bella

This is a favourite to so many who visit for multiple reasons. Sitting on the Douro river just a stone's throw away from the city centre, Torre Bella combines a unique blend of historical and modern spaces. The historical spot comes through with the old castle-like structure which hosts a chapel and charming outdoor spaces overlooking the river. Then a short walk along the river from there is the main event space which is all black beams and glass baby! As graphic and edgy as can be. It seems like the two would clash but Torre Bella plays that clash beautifully. The special location, proximity to the city centre and popularity means that this porto wedding venue comes at a premium, but we believe it is entirely worth the fee for the right couple!

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