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Should You Have a Winter Wedding in Portugal?

As we leave the January cloud and jump into a slightly brighter February, one of the questions I get asked is if it is advisable to have a winter wedding in Portugal. Let's dive into that question today.

Photo by João Almeida

Why have a winter wedding at all?

Most destination wedding couple seek out Portugal for the sun, sea and sand. Balmy summers that aren’t as insufferable as the tropics but nicer than the UK for example, seem appealing for sun-seekers the world over.

That said, not everyone is after the heat for their destination wedding. A cooler temperature is more appealing to them and their family.

Another factor is the time of year for days off and work schedules. In some parts of the world and in certain professions, it is easier to take time off during the winter months than in the summer months. Since summer is so popular in offices to take lengthy amounts of time off, imagine how delighted your boss will be if you say you can work over the summer in order to take a lengthy amount of time off in the winter? Win win right?

The third factor in choosing to have a winter wedding is monetary. Low season weddings are far cheaper than high season weddings for certain key suppliers like venues. You can make huge savings getting married between October and April.

The final factor I’ll mention here is just pure individuality. Maybe you’re the type of couple who likes to go against the grain. Summer destination weddings are soooo overdone. What about a unique autumn or winter wedding?

Photo by Adelson Cadete

Can you have a winter wedding in Portugal?

The Portugal winter wedding season is defined between November - April (sometimes includes October as well). So let’s go month by month to see what the weather is doing

Disclaimer: This is a mix of research using the websites linked below and anecdotal experience. No one can ever predict the weather and the last couple of years have been very strange due to climate change so take this with a huge helping of pink himalayan salt mmmkay?


The first half of October usually has some leftover sunshine and warmth from September but there is still a dip in temperature. It is still relatively dry in the second half but the weather is much more unpredictable and cloudy.

Lows of 15ºC/59ºF and highs of 22ºC/72ºF


November in Portugal is known for relentless winds and rain. This is usually when flooding occurs in low lands like the Algarve and Madeira. Not a good choice for a dry wedding.

Lows of 12ºC/54ºF and highs of 18ºC/64ºF


Still pretty rainy and miserable but the last couple of years have yielded some bright, dry days too. Temperatures are more unforgiving though!

Lows of 10ºC/50ºF and highs of 16ºC/60ºF


Usually drier than December and November. Tends to be quite bright too. Temperatures are similar to November.

Lows of 12ºC/54ºF and highs of 18ºC/64ºF


Very similar temperatures and climate to January but can have some surprising days of bright bright sun and crushing rain. Very changeable month

Lows of 12ºC/54ºF and highs of 18ºC/64ºF


Spring is starting to… er… spring? Slightly warmer temperatures and more guaranteed dry days than Jan and Feb. In 2019, March was incredibly hot and sunny. (Climate change is REAL YAºLL!)

Lows of 12ºC/54ºF and highs of 21ºC/70ºF


Well into spring now but April showers can rear their ugly heads. Though the temperature is warmer, it brings thunderstorms and cloud. This is not always the case. Again, last year was like a heatwave. Luck of the draw my friends.

Lows of 13ºC/55ºF and highs of 21ºC/70ºF

Photo by Oydin + Mei


A winter wedding in Portugal should not be completely ruled out. You can get lucky and have some really bright and dry days in January, the same way you can have terrible rain showers in the middle of July! I mean if we have learnt anything today it is that you cannot predict the weather and climate change is messing with all our wedding plans.

My advice is that if you do choose to have a low season wedding in Portugal, January. February and March are likely to be more favourable than November and December. Unless the wintry greyness and drizzle is the look you’re going for in your wedding photos.

I hope this article was useful for you! Let me know on Instagram @nulyweds whether you would consider a winter wedding in Portugal.

Ta ta for now