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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Venues in Portugal

Venues venues venues! This is what every couple looking to get married in Portugal wants to know about, so here is a run down of the types of wedding venues you will find in each region of Portugal.

Wedding venues in Lisbon

Lisbon is a cornucopia of styles which, in a way, is the spirit of Lisbon. Bohemian, colourful, mismatched and shabby chic. This city and its surroundings is full of great options for those wanting a destination wedding in Portugal. Lisbon wedding venues range from castles and forts to luxe hotels, to alternative hipster restaurants, to countryside tranquility. There is a style for every couple so you are bound to find a wedding venue in Lisbon that you love!

Favourites of ours:

Wedding venues in Porto

Porto and the Douro Valley are extremely popular for Portugal weddings. Venues in Porto are extremely modern, with white clean main rooms being a mainstay of the Porto aesthetic. Outside of Porto, however, is completely different! Wedding venues in the Douro Valley are rustic, serene with incredible views over acres of vineyards.

Favourites of ours:

Photo by Branco Prata

Wedding venues in North of Portugal

In the Minho, we have a slower pace of life and a more traditional type of venue. Minho venues are typically manor houses with classic wedding interiors. They tend to be less rustic than Douro valley wedding venues, but they still retain a Portuguese charm. The big difference with wedding venues in Northern Portugal is the food. The regional favourites here are slightly different to the rest of the country and the spread is extremely plentiful for the price!

Favourites of ours:

Parador Casa da Ínsua

Wedding venues in Central Portugal

The interior of Portugal (where I live) is pretty spectacular in terms of choice and uniqueness. The drawback here is the distance from airports. If you are willing to go further afield, however, you have walled cities like Óbidos, amazingly priced traditional Quintas, luxury hotels and even mesmerising historical cites like monasteries and castles. Central Portugal has it all and often for a fraction of the price of the larger cities. Getting married in Portugal has never been so unique!

Favourites of ours:

Monserrate Palace

Wedding venues in Sintra

Ah Sintra. We all know and love it! The spellbinding city of Sintra has incredible wedding venues that you probably will have come across in your research so far. This little town has it all. A coastline, green lush mountains, historical buildings and amazing views. It is also extremely accessible from Lisbon airport, making Sintra a popular place for destination weddings. Sintra wedding venues range from luxury hotels to simple quintas, but be warned - wedding venues in this area are incredibly sought after and therefore go quickly!

Favourites of ours:

Wedding venues in The Algarve

Now although we do not do weddings in the Algarve, our Inês is well versed in this coastal paradise. With amazing beaches, for a coastal couple, you will be spoilt for choice in The Algarve. The reasons we tend to avoid it is that the venues do alot of packaged weddings, which is not our philosophy. That said, there are some truly lovely wedding venues in the Algarve and we encourage you to explore.

Favourites of ours: Palácio de Estoi

Quinta das Torres

Wedding venues in Setubal & the Alentejo

Finally, the big one, The Alentejo. The Alentejo is like a world away from the rest of Portugal which is characterised by lush green or blue beach. The Alentejo is a dry, arid, amber grassland with a rural, sleepy landscape. We love its unique views and even more unique venues. The Alentejo is popular for ecotourism and agrotourism so the wedding venues here follow that aesthetic. You will also get the odd, hyper modern luxury hotel but these are in the minority. Setúbal is located 30mins south of Lisbon, just above The Alentejo. With its proximity to Lisbon, wedding venues here are a great option to not be too far away from the city.

Favourites of ours: