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How to Survive Eczema on Your Wedding Day

So the severity of my own facial eczema has become a point of interest in itself over on my Insta stories! I would love to say that I haven’t been wearing makeup in my videos and instastories recently because I am so comfortable and unapologetic in my skin, that I wear it proudly. Quite the contrary. A spoonful of Illamasqua skin base to soothe my aching ego would do me quite nicely actually. But alas it’s too irritating to have anything but a bare face right now.

I know you feel my pain if you are an eczema sufferer too. And I can imagine how self conscious you must be feeling on the run up to your wedding. Heck I even mentioned this in my previous video all about things that could go wrong on your wedding day - YOUR SKIN. Eek!

So here are my top tips to surviving an eczema breakout on your wedding day. I hope it doesn’t happen to you but just in case!

Know your triggers

Fairly basic tip but all good tips are basic! You p to know what is likely to set off your eczema so you know what to avoid. This can be a huge range of things or a combination. Here are some things that could set off your eczema:

  • Allergies e.g hayfever

  • Food e.g nuts and dairy

  • Stress

  • Heat and cold

  • Hormones (especially in women)

  • Cosmetic irritants e.g soap

Stay cool

This is key if you are having a destination wedding in Portugal or in any other hot country with prolonged sun exposure. Of course this is out of your control to a degree but staying in the shade is going to be much more comfortable than sweating under the hot sun where your skin can get angry and red. Talk to your venue about parasols and shady spots to do your drinks reception and ceremony if they are due to be held outside.

Photo by Luisa Starling

Don’t change your skin routine 3 months before your wedding day

This is crucial. Sensitive skin dislikes change. I of all people know this and yet I am a sucker for a shiny, new product that promises me angelic, radiant, velvet skin. Don’t mess with your steadfast routine before your wedding day because the unpredictability will not fair well. It could go well but it’s more likely to go wrong so play it safe.

Drink plenty of water

Again, perhaps a basic tip but on your wedding day, when the vino starts to flow, everyone all of a sudden forgets that water exists! Because you are drinking alcohol, it’s even more important to stay hydrated so not to irritate your angry skin even more. Be kind to your insides too!

Have spray or salve to hand

If you’ve managed to find a good water spray or salve or soothing balm that calms an active flare up, this is definitely something you should package in a small bottle or a friend’s handbag/pocket for use throughout the day should things get a bit unbearable. I use Eucerin Atopic Control to soothe my angry facial eczema and it works a treat. Note that if you don’t already have a spray or salve, please don’t introduce a new one on your wedding day as you don’t know how your skin will react.

Photo by Marni V Photography

Employ a makeup artist you trust or use tinted moisturiser

This is if you have eczema on your face and neck. If you feel like you could feel self conscious on camera on your wedding day because of your skin, then please do reach out to a trusted makeup artist who can help. This is regardless of your gender! Wedding makeup is not just for women and a little foundation can go a long way. If you have a trusted tinted moisturiser that you like to use, then feel free to do that instead, if a full face could be too irritating.

Embrace yourself as you are

This is possibly the most important tips of all. Ladies. Gents. Your fiancé is marrying you for you! Not because you look like an airbrushed Pantene ad. So what if your hands look positively reptilian? So what if your cheeks are brandishing their own shade of red blush? The best thing to do is to show your true self on your wedding day and your confidence will shine through. Embrace who you are, your fiancé certainly does, and love the skin you’re in!

I hope you found this eczema survival guide helpful and in the comments of my YouTube video on this, I would love to know what you use to calm an angry eczema flare up.

Chat soon!