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How to Postpone Your Destination Wedding

Amidst all of the Coronavirus panic, you may have been forced to postpone your wedding to 2020 or 2021. Getting new dates from your suppliers and venues is not easy, so in this blog, I break it all down, step by step, so you can postpone your wedding in confidence.

Photo by Marni V Photography

Step 1: 2020 or 2021

This is a question only you can answer and it very much depends on your wedding destination, schedule, cash flow and willingness. Perhaps the thought of restarting and waiting an entire year would be too stressful for you. Perhaps you need more time to save funds and 2021 will be the better option. There could also be family and cost implications here. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are there any important events happening in your close friends and family this year or next year that you need to avoid?

  • Will 2020 feel too soon to you/will 2021 feel too far away?

  • Moving your date to 2021 may incur extra costs from suppliers and venues - are you prepared for that financially?

  • Has Covid19 affected your immediate financial flow? Do you need more time to save?

  • Do you have any personal goals that you do not want to move for the next year? e.g relocating, pregnancy

  • Do you still feel excited to plan a 2020 wedding?

Step 2: Choose a Range of Dates

Now that you have settled on a year, it is time to settle on a range of dates. I would use a sample of dates over the range of at least two months to get the maximum chance of carrying your suppliers over. I typically choose between 10-20 potential dates for this reason, but if you are super stuck on a small handful of dates, you’ll need to move quickly onto…

Photo by Rita Santana Photography

Step 3: Sampling Your Suppliers

This is so extremely important and often where couples go wrong.

It can be a headache trying to coordinate all of the suppliers together so often couples just choose a date with the venue and hope for the best. This could mean that some or all of your suppliers are unavailable for your new date, so you will need to do the supplier sourcing process again. Who wants to deal with that!

Let me introduce you to this little beauty

Not sponsored I promise but I do love this tool! Doodle enables you to select your chosen dates and send out a handy link to all of your suppliers. Each supplier can then log their availability directly into the Doodle form, creating a beautiful picture of availability! How cool is that?!

Then you are able to choose a date with minimal fuss that is available for everyone and saves you the headache.

Something to note is that suppliers may need chasing up in terms of filling in this form. It is simple to use and takes around 2 mins, but suppliers are super busy (particularly right now) so expect to send a follow up email to remind them to fill in the information you need!

Photo by Piteira Photography

Step 4: Let Your Guests Know

There is a debate as to whether you should send out a notification of your new date to just those who confirmed, or your entire guestlist from the beginning. My personal thought is to send out the new date to the confirmed guests for your original date, and then later on in the process, send out invitations to all that you would like to attend. This could include people who did not RSVP the first time if you want to extend the invite to them, or you know they had a big reason for not being able to make it for the original date.

There we have it! You have postponed your wedding in 4 easy peasy steps.

I hope this blog was helpful to you and if you have any further questions, please do let me know on my Instagram. I am hoping to do some tutorials on how to use Doodle form and some other cancellation and postponement tips so stay tuned!

Stay safe and sane,