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How To Find Your Dream Wedding Venue Abroad

We are so excited to be bringing you a new way of searching for wedding venues in Portugal!

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Getting married abroad is not easy but some find the venue hunting process the most challenging. Let's simplify it!

In today's blog I give you the step by step process of finding your dream wedding venue abroad.

Research using varied sources

It's a good idea to cast the net wide when it comes to searching for your wedding venue - especially in the initial stages as you decide which outlets and sources to trust the most. This could be a mix of major wedding blogs, Google, Pinterest and platforms (like ours) that centre on venues in your chosen wedding country. At this stage you are not enquiring with any venues; just get a gauge of what is available to you.

If you are unable to visit soon, consider getting a wedding planner

Unless you are happy with photographs or you can find a platform that handles some of the enquiring for you and displays videos like ours!

then a planner is a good idea to help you get in touch with venues and find one that is right for you. A great wedding planner will understand your needs thoroughly before the venue search and have some sort of way of showing you the venue, whether that is via videos like we do or live calls. Granted, not everyone wants a wedding planner so this may not be right for you, but many wedding planners offer a standalone venue sourcing service which may be worth exploring.

Top tip: If you think you may want a wedding planner, don't contact any wedding venues before hiring the planner. The reason is, the wedding planner will have much more negotiating power if they contact the venue first on your behalf.

Make your enquiries

So now you are into the enquiry stages. If you have a wedding planner, they will do this for you, but if you don't then you'll need to set aside some time to send out enquiries. Be as thorough as possible and prepare for very varied responses. Some venues are super fast with new queries and have amazingly clear menus and brochures. Some venues take weeks and weeks to respond which is not fun at all. Our couples often complain to us about that all of the time!

Things may be done differently in your chosen wedding destination so do prepare for that.

Top tip: When you receive menus, remember that these are rarely fixed and good venues will enable you to be flexible with your catering.

Visit if you can

Now this isn't an option for everyone but visiting is of course a huge help to your venue hunting process. You can see the venue in real life and truly experience how your venue may flow in that venue.

Come armed with questions and probe for flexibility, for example, "can we customise the menu?" "what other options do you have for meal locations - could it be outside?"

Pro tip. If you can keep your venue costs within 30-40% of your budget, you are winning. 50% and over has a dramatic limitation on your styling and everything else.

I hope this blog was helpful to you!