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How Long Does It Take To Plan A Destination Wedding?

Recently I have had some panicked couples message and email me just not knowing where to start with their wedding planning and what to do when. I can entirely empathise as it's not always clear cut. Lots of free information online can be misleading with varying lengths of what you should do. I'd say if you are doing lots of research about this then you'll get varying reports and this blog, I'm afraid, is no different.

But the one thing that is different about this blog is that it acknowledges you can plan a destination wedding under all sorts of timeframes and circumstances. It can be done and you can do it!

Here are some guides on how to plan a destination wedding in different timeframes;

The Slow Plan - Planning a destination wedding in 24months

Starting your planning 2 years out is not necessarily the most ideal thing. I don't tend to recommend it for three reasons: 1. You are prone to changing your mind very often throughout the planning process and your ideas from year to year may be drastically different

2. Many suppliers and venues will not have accurate prices and packages in place for two years down the line which may incur big price changes year after year

3. There isn't much momentum in planning and it is more so that you'll have many breaks in the process to make up for the huge amount of time you have. OR you'll put things off again and again because it feels like you have a ton of time, when in fact that time is counting down.

That said, the long plan is great if you want to take it easy and you're at ease with the natural breaks in planning. It's also a good option for those who feel 1year would leave them overwhelmed. Click here to download your FREE guide for planning a destination wedding in 2years

The Long Engagement - Planning a destination wedding in 18months

Starting your wedding planning 18months out is the upper limit for me personally. Generally we do not start the planning process much further than that for the reasons above. 18months is still quite a long plan but it is perfect for a long, low and slow engagement and won't raise your blood pressure too much. It also, however, doesn't compromise the feeling of momentum that the 24month plan does. This plan does still have some natural breaks in it but does not nearly feel as stop and start as the 24month plan.

One thing I will say; if you aren't able to choose a wedding venue abroad particularly soon, then the 18month or 24month plan is best for you. If you are able to visit or have a planner to help you choose a venue within the next two months at least, then the 12 month plan is a better it for you.

Click here to download your FREE guide for planning a destination wedding in 18months

The Sweet Spot - Planning a destination wedding in 12 months

I believe the sweet spot for planning a destination wedding with excitement and ease is 12months. A year gives you enough time to find a venue, design and logistically plan your wedding without getting stressed but also with a nice feeling of progression throughout. The way I break down my planning for my couples is step by step, with each month tackling a different supplier source and different logistical juncture. There are also always ongoing bits butu these are common across the wedding planning timelines.

Click here to download your FREE guide for planning a destination wedding in 12months


Double Time - Planning a destination wedding in 6 months

So perhaps for some reason, life is getting in the way and you only have 6 months to plan your dream wedding abroad. This isn't advisable but it's not the end of the world either. You can effectively plan a destination wedding in 6 months if you have two things:

1. A good wedding planner

2. Alot of time

You can do this yourself with alot of time on your hands but I strongly advise getting a wedding planner to help offload some of the tasks and streamline the process for you. A 6month turnaround is to be avoided but I have a plan for you too - fear not!

Click here to download your FREE guide for planning a destination wedding in 6months


Express Planning - Planning a destination wedding in 3 months

Planning a wedding in 3 months would be crazy to many! Maybe even to me. For this you need both a great planner and alot of time. Unless you want entirely no say in your wedding planning, I would advise making space in your weekly calendar to make some key decisions at every weekend. This can be hectic but it needn't be if you can work this out with effective time management, fab suppliers and (again) a kickass wedding planner who can work with short timeframes (not all wedding planners are up for that task!).

Click here to download your FREE guide for planning a destination wedding in 3months

I hope these guides are helpful to you!