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Destination Weddings: Why Location is More Important Than Venue

Today’s topic is a juicy one and definitely one I have alot to say about!

Since starting out as solely a destination wedding planner in Portugal in November 2018, it has been important for me to put emphasis on Portugal as the destination, rather than just a pretty backdrop for your wedding. It’s a place to love and experience as well as host your wedding day. And more recently, I have honed my philosophy into this central idea:

What if the location is more important than your wedding venue?

Bear with me here.

There are beautiful wedding venues everywhere you look

There are gorgeous wedding venues in all corners of the globe. If you want a castle wedding I can find you a castle in Scotland, Germany, France and Portugal. Then within Portugal I can find you castles in The Algarve, The Alentejo, Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Braga. Even within these districts there are different castles to choose from. What makes them all different is their surroundings, not just the buildings themselves.

Of course I am not discounting the importance of having a wedding venue that you are enamoured with because that venue should hold a special place in your heart and express your love together. What I’m arguing is that you shouldn’t start with venues, you should start with where.

Why is location more important?

Ask yourself this. Have you already been planning to host pre-wedding and post-wedding events during your destination wedding trip?

Have your guests already giddily requested a week off to make a real holiday of your wedding celebrations?

The town or city that your stunning wedding venue is based in is what defines your destination wedding experience, as very few couples, and guests, fly over for the wedding day and then fly back home. A destination wedding perfectly combines your travel sensibilities with your wedding day so you can introduce your guests to a beautiful country, have an amazing wedding celebration and allow them to explore and fully experience the local culture and activities.

From a more practical standpoint, starting with where means that you avoid transporting extremely jetlagged friends and family to some far far flung rural venue just because you’re in love with it. It also means taking into account the majority of your guests’ flight routes to make sure it’s as smooth as possible to get to.

Starting with where also makes planning easier for you because you have narrowed the pool of venues that you are searching through. I cannot tell you how many couples come to me having started their research and their venue list is completely disparate all over Portugal. Some in the most difficult, complicated corners to reach for them. Starting with where is the only way to save you this headache.

I would love to know what you think of this! Join the conversation on my YouTube channel!

Olivia x