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Destination Wedding Advice from Portugal's Top Vendors

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started working in Portugal is thinking that I could apply UK planning concepts to Portugal. ⁠

Think that suppliers are going to respond to emails in 30mins and venues will be relaxed about transforming them?⁠

Oh no no precious.⁠

So a huge component of planning a wedding abroad is to get advice from local suppliers who know the lay of the land. ⁠

In today's blog, I speak to some top wedding suppliers here to give some direct advice to you!⁠

Design and creation by Oficina studio | Photo by Rita Santana Photography

Oficina the Studio - Stationery and Wedding Design Studio

  • "If you are having a wedding abroad, you may want your stationery to somehow allude to your destination. If your stationer is a local take advantage of it! (PS: we have seen hundreds of passport invitations so far.)"

  • "Don't go for stationery that is not "you". Just because white, pastels, and floral watercolours are what most people look after it doesn't mean that they are the best fit for you. In the same fashion, if you fall in love at first sight with something don't waste your time and go for it. It is not in your best interest contacting someone and asking them to replicate someone else's work. It will never look the same but if it happens to have the same quality it will likely not be cheaper. Ask for something original and you'll be pleasantly surprised."

  • "Labour costs are correlated to time expenditure. Production and material costs don't depend on us. Scale down if needed and remember simple doesn't equal plain. Portuguese labour is the cheapest in Western Europe but printing is more expensive than in countries such as Italy or Germany. You can still get good value but don't expect a bargain."

Oficina the Studio is a modern graphic and wedding design studio focused on crafting unique weddings for young, creative couples. Check them out:



Video by Pedro Portela

Pedro Portela - Wedding Videographer

  • "If you're having speeches, have them outside (even if you're having your meal inside). Portuguese weather is nice enough to allow for outdoor speeches and indeed, there's nothing better to give an epic and reinforce the emotional charge of a speech than a speech delivered with a good backdrop."

  • "Work with your photographer and videographer to make formal photography quick. With hot summers like the Portuguese one, waiting around for formals is boring and frankly kills the mood of a wedding. It also frees up time to fit a few minutes' worth of nice golden hour photography and video later in the day."

  • "For country weddings (don't bother for city weddings), take advantage of drone footage but beware of the law and make sure your videographer gets the necessary permits."

  • "If your videographer is confident enough to mic the bride up, make sure you take advantage of that. With a lot of weddings in Portugal celebrated outdoors, audio placement is critical to avoid ambient and wind noise."

  • "With excellent weather for outdoor activities, if you have any leisure activities programmed (horse riding, shooting, pool party, etc), make sure you have your videographer along. "

Pedro Portela is a documentary cinematographer who focuses on caputuring the story of your day in a timeless way. Check him out at:



Photo by The Quiet Wolf

The Quiet Wolf - Wedding Photographer

"Don't plan every second of your day. There's a trend of filling the wedding days with games, entertainment and all kinds of things just to "keep things interesting". Don't. Allow free time to enjoy your day, and enjoy the company of your guests. Allow time for things that can take more time than expected."

Gonçalo at The Quiet Wolf is a documentary wedding planner with a warm, natural style. Check him out at:

Website: Instagram:

Cake design by Bakewell | Photography by Momento Cativo

Bakewell - Cake Design Studio

"Don't have a cake just because. Remember that this marks a special and highlighted moment of the day, it will be your first assignment as a married couple. Make it something remarkable, choose it wisely, invest in it because it will be something that everybody will remember (as you will too)."

Bakewell Botanic is a cake design studio based in Porto with a distinctive botanical style. Check them out at:



Photo by Hugo Coelho

Hugo Coelho - Wedding Photographer

1. "Choose a good place to get ready, full of natural light"

2. "If you don’t have this chance, try to clean the room where you do the make up or put the dress. Don’t forget this is very important because the photographer will want to do some pretty shoots with the bride."

3. "Trust in your photographer you chose him/her because of is style. He will be the better one to give you the best tips."

Hugo Coelho is a documentary wedding photographer with a distinctive moody style. Check him out at:



Video by Pixel Shapers

The Pixel Shapers - Wedding Videographers

"1-Have fun!

2-Be who you are!





7-Don't forget to eat something!

8-Don't think too much!

9-Jump again, smile a bit more, dance a few more songs and please, HAVE A TON OF FUN!!!"

The Pixel Shapers are a videography team creating cinematic wedding films with a romantic, upbeat style. Check them out at:




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