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A Guide to Weddings in The Alentejo from a Portugal Wedding Planner

The Alentejo is the largest region in Portugal and yet so few have ever heard of it! It is a vast, timeless area with unique scenery, secret beaches and hot climes. A wedding here is truly special, with the sleepy countryside in your background and some true Portuguese flavour. In this article I’ll be going through the atmosphere, accommodation and accessibility of The Alentejo and some top wedding venues here for you to consider, should you be after a wedding in the Alentejo.

A wedding in the Alentejo is on my bucket list so I offer special rates for weddings in the region! If you’d like to know more about getting married in The Alentejo, please do get in touch.

Photo by Piteira Photography


I first found out about The Alentejo when I moved to Portugal from London in my teenage years. My classmates would talk about the elusive region as somewhere their families would go for summer holidays. I didn’t know much about it and the mysteries for me continue to unfurl here.

The first thing to note is how much hotter and drier it is. The Alentejo stretches from the south of Lisbon across the country to the eastern border with Spain, sitting on top of The Algarve as an imposing presence. Though it is almost a third of the country’s land, it is very sparsely populated with Evora and Beja being the most prominent cities.

The nature scape is completely different to the one in Estremadura and Ribatejo or The Minho. Because of the heat, the fields have a much more golden yellow appearance, with cork fields and arid grass stretching over the heated land. It’s poetic in its isolation and remoteness with a sense of disconnect to the colourful, bohemian Lisbon. Surprisingly, you also have a few hidden beaches where Spain doesn’t quite meet the Portuguese border. Comporta is a favourite and it’s a great location for weddings and elopements.

The people here are hospitable and simple. There is an (even slower) pace of life that makes you relax. This is why many of the Quintas and Pousadas in The Alentejo are branded as luxury escapes from the outside world. You’ll find high end service, fine cuisine and indulgent lodgings wrapped in this nostalgic, sleepy exterior. What a perfect way to celebrate your wedding in Portugal in style!


As discussed above, The Alentejo is vast and remote. Evora and Beja will have plenty of accommodation options from luxury hotels to smaller B&Bs. AirBnb isn’t as prevalent here as in Lisbon or Porto but there could be some options available. My recommendation if you are planning to get married in The Alentejo is to hire a wedding venue exclusively with lodging on-site. This is very common in the region and will give you and your guests peace of mind.


The nearest airport is Lisbon or Faro depending on where exactly you are getting married. Because the region is so big, you could be better served by either airport.

From Lisbon, you can take a coach to Evora or Beja which are 3hours and 2hours long respectively. Most luxury hotels and wedding venues are able to help with airport transfers or hiring coaches if need be.

Photo by Piteira Photography

Top wedding venues in The Alentejo

Sublime Comporta

I mentioned Comporta earlier as being on the beachfront. Sublime Comporta combines Alentejan hospitality, fine cuisine and pure indulgence into one modern-luxe location. It has accommodation on-site with rooms and villas available. Lovely option for a high-end wedding in Portugal.


São Lourenço do Barrocal

This is also a luxurious venue but with that aforementioned sleepy, timeless exterior. Don’t let São Lourenço do Barrocal slip under your radar just because it looks like a traditional farmhouse. It is chic in every way and reminds you of the simplicities of life. It has ample accommodation and simple outdoor spaces for a truly unqiue wedding.


Pousada Convento de Arraiolos

I love this place so much simply because of its famous chapel. With its original 16th Century tiling, these azulejos will make your Portugal-loving heart sing. It’s an enchanting church with vintage reception areas to boot and accommodation on-site. What more could you want?


A wedding in The Alentejo is for you if:

  • You are an adventurous couple

  • You are enthusiastic about the countryside

  • You enjoy open spaces and luxury wedding venues

  • You want an outdoor or farmhouse wedding

  • You love The Alentejo!

I hope this guide to weddings in The Alentejo was helpful for you. Check out this link for more info on weddings in Portugal as I tackle the different regions for you.

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x