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A Guide to Weddings in Sintra from a Portugal Wedding Planner

Ah Sintra. The town of fairytales that even the Grimm Brothers couldn’t make up. If you’ve been to the magical land of Sintra, you have no doubt been bewitched by its spell and romance. It’s possibly the most romantic place in Portugal so it’s the perfect place to celebrate your wedding in Portugal. As a portugal wedding planner, I will be going through the atmosphere, accommodation and accessibility in Sintra. I will also suggest 3 amazing wedding venues you should check out for a perfect wedding in Sintra.

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Photo by Piteira Photography


In the piece on weddings in Lisbon and weddings in Estremadura & Ribatejo, I mentioned that Sintra could be considered in either of these regions. It’s around 30mins drive from Lisbon, towards the coast and encased in the UNESCO protected National Park of Cascais and Sintra.

The natural landscape here is sublime. Cars drive through narrow, sometimes hazardous, streets on this lush green mountain of towering trees. A short drive through the villages and out to sea you have some of the most beautiful beaches outside of The Algarve and far too underrated to be missed. Praia da Ursa is a favourite of mine to drive above for a beautiful elopement in Sintra with the sea view behind you.

And then there are the castles. Pena Palace may be the most famous castle in all of Portugal. It genuinely looks like Disneyland. This is one time when the photos are not deceiving you. That crazy coloured building sits almost at the very top of the Serra (mountain) overlooking the town below. Climbing up through the gardens takes around two hours through windy, steep pathways of wild forest, ponds and reeds. This is arguably the best part of the Pena Palace experience. Then you have Castelo dos Mouros, Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra Palace and Monserrate Palace (which we’ll dive into later). Those are just the well known ones! For such an intimate, vibrant town, there is lots to see and do with historical buildings and lush gardens everywhere you turn.


Being the beautiful gem it is, Sintra has so so many accommodation options at all price points. You have the uber luxe Tivoli Seteais which sits it the Sintra mountain, a stone’s throw away from Monserrate Palace. You also have more quaint guesthouses and B&Bs that are family run friendly spots that enrich your stay with warm hospitality. Airbnbs are also prevalent here as with Lisbon and Porto.


Lisbon is the nearest airport to fly into which is just 30-40mins drive away from Sintra. You can find out more about this airport here.

Google Maps works very well in Sintra as do Uber and MyTaxi apps which are inexpensive and amply available. Buses are few and far between so taxi and walking are the easiest ways of getting around.

When walking around, I recommend walking shoes and a strong heart. The mountain is a mountain after all! There are also very few pavements in this town so please take care if you decide to walk to far from the historical centre.

Monserrate Palace| Photo by me

Top wedding venues in Sintra

Monserrate Palace

The lesser known of the Sintra palaces but a true gem for us Portugal wedding planners is Monserrate Palace. It wasn’t even a real palace - it was just an Englishman’s summer home once but he crafted it to feel regal from the ornate and intimate interior to the dense gardens. Here you can also find the “ruin” (which was not a real ruin but constructed by the crazy Englishman to look like one). This is a stellar spot for a truly beautiful elopement as only 6 people can fit there! It’s serene, beautiful and unique so definitely check it out.


Quinta do São Thiago

This Quinta is an absolute stunner. With capacity to host 30people onsite for 3 days, including your breakfast, this is a lovely spot for those wanting complete exclusivity of the venue. It has an outdoor swimming pool, colourful well cared for gardens and an awe-inspiring view across the Sintra mountain. What dreams are made of.


Tivoli Palácio de Seteaís

I mentioned this one in the accommodation section but this is also an impressive wedding venue for those would want a bit more glam. The views are amazing here and for the high end luxury wedding in Portugal - this is a great option.


A wedding in Sintra is for you if:

  • You are a romantic, eclectic couple

  • You are enthusiastic about nature

  • You enjoy castles and historical sites

  • You want an outdoor wedding or elopment in Portugal

  • You love Sintra!

I hope this guide to weddings in Sintra was helpful for you. Check out this link for more info on weddings in Portugal as I tackle the different regions for you.

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x