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A Guide to Weddings in Porto from a Porto Wedding Planner

It is no secret that I love Porto, both as a porto wedding planner and as a Portugal-loving girl. Although Sintra is probably the most magical place in Portugal, Porto is the most down-to-earth and authentic place in Portugal. It’s a vibrant, glittering city with attitude and presence that I just adore. If you’ve been to Porto and have fallen in love as many visitors do, you may be considering it as a wedding location. This guide will take you through the atmosphere, accommodation and accessibility in Porto and 3 top wedding venues in the Porto region.

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Walking through the streets of Porto has as much charm as Lisbon but the vibe here is completely different. Lisbon is known for its shabby-chic, bohemian atmosphere, whereas Porto is more refined and fashion-forward. This is why it attracts so many young couples who love the edginess of Porto, but also its elegance. As the industrial hub of Portugal, the northern regions produced alot of the country’s wealth for centuries and in some ways continues to do so. This is why Porto has a strong connection to its history and its main export, Port. When you arrive, there is a real buzz to this city which ignites to a fiery flame at night time as the locals eat, drink and stay merry. People in Porto are friendly, warm and welcoming, known for swearing like sailors and always being true to their feelings. You’ll often see the local people enjoying the Douro riverside as if for the very first time.

Beyond the enchanting Dom Luis IV bridge, the Douro river flows all the way to the Portuguese border with Spain, through the famous Douro valley. The Douro valley offer lush green vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see and a plethora of wedding venues that simply take your breath away. The beauty comes at high price point but if you are after luxury with Portuguese charm, it is a great option for you.

 Photo by Piteira Photography


As Portugal’s second largest city and the huge boom in its popularity, Porto has plenty to offer visitors when it comes to accommodation. The Yeatman is a favourite among tourists as both a wedding venue and a hotel. There are also smaller guesthouses and B&Bs like The Artist Hotel for as little as €70 per night. Plenty of AirBnbs are now popping up in the city too with rates as low as €40 per night in really central locations. If you are planning a wedding in the Douro valley however, it is best to either stay on-site or to arrange transport for your guests out of Porto to your wedding venue.


In terms of getting to Porto, it is relatively easy from inside Europe. The UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other European countries have direct flights to Porto regularly. However if you are travelling from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere, it may be trickier. Often you will have to fly into Lisbon and then take a connecting flight to Porto. You can find out more on my blog about travelling to Portugal.

Within Porto, there are a range of options for getting around. In the city itself, there is an active network of metro stations and buses that can take you to different sides of the city. In the central districts near the river, most things are within walking distance but beware that Porto has many steep, narrow cobbled streets. It’s one of those city where, no matter which direction you go in, you always feel that you’re going uphill. Uber and MyTaxi are also great options for getting around the city and the immediate surrounding areas. An Uber from the city centre to 30mins out of town would only cost you €25 and this is far less hassle than trying to navigate the unreliable and nebulous suburban bus network.

 The Yeatman | Lourenco Wedding Photography | Your EU Wedding Celebrant

Top wedding venues in Porto

Casa dos Arcos

Literally translating as “The House of Arches”, this wedding venue definitely lives up to its name! It’s a versatile venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces that are flexible in their uses. The best part is, this beautiful place is in Porto city itself and is very accessible to those staying in the city centre - result!


Six Senses

Six Senses is pure Douro valley luxury. It’s a unique place that attracts many couples for the beauty of its natural surroundings, the award winning service and the complete transformation they’ve done inside this 19th century manor.


The Yeatman

The Yeatman is on this list for its popularity and accessibility. The privileged location this Porto wedding venue has enables you to get married on a balcony with a view of the Douro river and the buzzing city below. Inside, it is a bit blank-space-hotel-function-room-y but with some expert colourful styling, it can be transformed into whatever you want it to be. As it’s also a hotel, you also have the option of staying on-site which is a huge bonus for a destination wedding in Porto.


A wedding in Porto is for you if:

  • You are a modern, eclectic couple who wants something different

  • You are enthusiastic about wines and port

  • You enjoy cities

  • You want an outdoor wedding with vineyards and rolling hills

  • You love Porto!

I hope this guide to weddings in Porto was helpful for you. Check out this link for more info on weddings in Portugal as I tackle the different regions for you.

If you're interested in getting married in Porto, get in touch! 

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x