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5 Ways to Support Your Wedding Suppliers Through the Covid19 Crisis

In today's video we are discussing how to support your wedding suppliers through the Coronavirus crisis. The wedding industry has been some of the hardest hit after Covid19 came around, with thousands of weddings the world over being postponed or cancelled due to this epic tragedy. As suppliers, we want to stay afloat and support and serve our wonderful couple in the future, so here is how you can help us!

1. Write them a review

Whether you write a public review on their Google or Facebook pages, or just write a nice sound bite that the supplier can use on their website, your favourite wedding suppliers would hugely appreciate a great review on their platforms. It shows to the world that we are capable professionals that can deliver a great service to awesome couples like you!

2. If postponing: Pay as much as you can prior to your original wedding date

Postponements are always a disappointment and everyone knows how much of a financial hit this is for most of us. The important thing here is to remember that we understand if you are not able to give 100% of your payments to suppliers before the original wedding date. In that case, do speak to your supplier and negotiate what is a reasonable amount to pay before the original wedding date and the postponement date (if anything at all). Some suppliers are asking for a percentage payment before the original wedding date and some are not. Even if your supplier is not asking for the payment explicitly, offering to pay as much as you can is a great help to keeping your supplier's business afloat!

Photo by D10Photo

3. Shout about them on social media

Very much like public reviews, sharing our videos, photos and products on social media is a huge help to your wedding suppliers. It is a huge boost of support to wedding vendors because it helps boost our business in a tangible way. As more and more people are online due to the Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines, you'll notice that most small businesses will be raising their profiles however they can on their online platforms to keep themselves afloat, so any support here would be greatly appreciated.

4. If postponing: Consider a weekday or off-season wedding

Now I completely understand your perspective on this. Having an off-season or weekday wedding is not always a simple thing to navigate with your schedules and the schedules of your friends and families. However with many summer 2020 weddings being moved to 2021, our diaries are becoming increasingly more complicated so weekday and off season weddings will be much easier for us to navigate. For destination weddings, weekdays are super easy to convince friends and family as most guests will come to your wedding location for 4days to sometimes up to 2 weeks so the day that you get married is by and large irrelevant.

Photo by Piteira Photography

5. If you disagree, talk on the phone

This entire video and blog was written due to the backlash I was seeing mostly on the UK media regarding the cancellation and postponement policies of wedding suppliers. Essentially there have been quite a few major publications reporting on in fighting between couples and vendors when it comes to deposits and refunds. When I see this bad press, my first instinct is to recognise how these are email arguments rather than human to human phone or video call conversations.

An important thing to remember if you disagree on a postponement or cancellation policy is that we are all humans struggling amongst an unprecedented crisis in our lifetimes. None of us wrote our contracts with a pandemic in mind. Now, as a wedding planner, I will admit that I am torn on this argument. I understand the couple's side and I understand the supplier's side.So both couples and vendors need to try harder to understand both sides of what we are all going through to truly going on, and create a compromise between.

In terms of how we communicate, this tip is about talking on the phone because I find that it is easier to have these more sensitive conversations over the phone. Postponing or cancelling your destination wedding is extremely emotional for you, but for us too. I think lots of nuances are missed over email so a phone conversation is much much better.

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Ta ta for now!