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5 Things That Will Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

So. As a wedding planner, and famously a rather anally retentive person, I would love for every one of my weddings and every wedding in the world to go completely smoothly. But the truth is, it just isn't entirely possible. There are plenty of things that are completely out of your control on your wedding day. It's much smarter to prepare for the eventuality of these things and be at peace with them now than be totally thrown off by them when they appear unexpectedly on the day. Without further ado, here are the five things that will (probably) go wrong on your wedding day (excluding the weather! Let's not jynx it shall we?)

Photo by Lourenco Photography

1. Someone will be late to your wedding ceremony

Whether this is you yourself or your partner or a member of your wedding party, it is totally normal and expected for someone to be late to your ceremony. To a degree you have control of this for yourselves as you can make sure that if you are having hair and makeup done, this is done with ample time to spare. Communicate this clearly and make sure that everyone will be ready on time. If you are getting a haircut on the morning of your wedding, make sure you give yourself enough time there too.

With regards to other members of your party arriving late, it’s something that is out of your control so the best thing to do is let this go. Let your wedding planner or venue coordinators know what your policy will be in terms of latecomers to your wedding ceremony. For example, are you happy for latecomers to skulk in and sit at the back if the ceremony has started or do you want a closed door policy after a certain point?

Photo by Luisa Starling

2. You may have a breakout

The weeks running up to your wedding are the most stressful by far whether you have a wedding planner or not because..erm..hello?’re getting married! Pretty big deal. It’s totally normal to feel anxious and a bit highly strung as the date gets closer and you tie up the last niggly bits. For this reason, try as you might but your skin may rebel.

As you’ve probably seen in my videos and instastories recently, I suffer from facial eczema which is ten times worse when I’m stressed so my skin would be a huge problem on my wedding day. For you it may be a spot or eyebags due to lack of sleep or a heat rash. Your skin may play up on your wedding day and this is 100% okay! The less you stress, the less likely it is to happen.

Some pointers here is to avoid changing your skin routine too close to your wedding day as new products can trigger reactions. Drink plenty of water and employ a good makeup artist or use tinted moisturiser just to give you a bit more confidence on the day.

Photo by Adam Riley

3. Wedding speeches always overrun You know the drill. You’ve asked your best mate to do a speech at your wedding. She insists she will take 5 mins but she ends up taking 45mins. It’s emotional. There isn’t a dry eye in the house but this has pushed back all of your further wedding activities whether that be your wedding meal or your dancefloor. Speeches are really difficult to control. Unlike the Oscars, you can’t play off your Mum who is tearfully telling the story of when she first held you in her arms and how happy she is for you now as a grown-up in love, starting the next chapter of your life. Be kind to Mum! What I suggest is allowing 15mins per speech and allowing a bit of extra leg room just in case. Also let your speakers know what their time parameters are. Don’t leave it completely free choice of how long they have otherwise you’ll have a huge variation and it’s more likely to disrupt your other plans.

Photo by Marni V Photography

4. You might forget to eat on your wedding day! So this doesn’t happen all of the time but I’ve seen it happen regularly enough that I’m mentioning it here. Weddings in Portugal offer copious amounts of food throughout the day so a destination wedding in Portugal is like one big all-you-can-eat party. Even so, because of the pure excitement and amount of guests that want to talk to you and congratulate you, it’s really common for couples to forget to eat their canapes or simply not have the chance.

For this, I would make sure to have a large breakfast in the morning and a small lunch if you are having an evening ceremony. I would also put a trusted bridal party member e.g maid of honour, best man or family member to save some of your canapes for you or make sure that you are eating and drinking what is on offer during your reception.

Photo by Luisa Starling

5. No one will eat the wedding cake! Argh! This is the one that upsets me the most and throughout my career I have seen so much wasted wedding cake. This could be for a variety of reasons. In the UK, the cake cutting is done to open the dancefloor and the cake is served as part of the evening food offering. In some places the cake cut is done before dinner. In Portugal, the cake cutting is like an entire ceremony in itself, with fireworks, designated spaces and is usually done towards the end of the night as the party runs into the early hours.

Because the cake cutting is done so late and/or is done when the party starts, your guests have already eaten alot and are dancing the night away. The last thing they think of to eat after all that alcohol and heavy food is wedding cake. The cake is also usually displayed on the side for guests to help themselves which doesn’t draw much attention. For weddings in Portugal, you’re also usually served a dessert and have a dessert buffet after your main meal so there are alot of sweets being offered!

It makes perfect sense why the cake isn’t eaten. But it doesn’t offend me any less!

Here are some solutions:

  • Serve the cake as your dessert. This can also cut costs on your catering budget.

  • Buy little cardboard cake boxes in bulk (just big enough for one slice) and let your catering team package up the cake for guests to take home. This is a lovely way for guests to take a piece of your wedding home with them.

  • Do the cake cutting earlier and allow guests to graze for wedding cake at any point of the reception

I hope you found this little article helpful. I hope your wedding goes perfectly but best to prepare just in case! Please do share this with someone you needs to hear this and we'll chat soon.

Olivia x