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5 Reasons To Join Venues By Nulyweds

As a wedding planner in Portugal, I have heard all of the multiple concerns from couples from across the globe struggling to find their ideal wedding venues in Portugal. I hear that they have no support. I hear that venues aren't responding to their enquiries. I hear that they are only finding the same 10 venues over and over again since they are so high up on Google (we all know who they are!). Venues By Nulyweds is an easy-to-use venue video platform helping couples find their dream wedding venues in Portugal. There are lots of reasons to join but here are our top 5!

1. See portugal wedding venues that you haven't seen before!

We all know the big boys like Forte da Cruz and Arriba By The Sea. We even have those big popular venues on our platform because we aren't idiots :P These venues are popular for a reason and we do work with them too. But as a guiding philosophy, Nulyweds has always sought to work with and onboard venues that are not so obvious. There are so many hidden gems across Portugal that you are missing out on! So we scour the country for unique venues of every style and size to be able to deliver you a more complete picture of what Portugal has to offer as a wedding destination.

2. All wedding venues have video tours

So you've seen all of the glossy photos but have you truly explored the insides of venues! You'd be surprised how the exterior doesn't match the interior, or how glossy photos distort your perception of what is real. And granted, I am not saying my video editing skills are so wonderful that you have a complete look of what it's like, but videos are far better at communicating the flow of a venue and what it really looks like. That and our unedited photos should help too!

3. Access to our exclusive member's only downloads

As part of our FREE membership and our paid one, you can access our exclusive member's only downloads. This is a growing library of destination wedding planning advice including:

  • Step by step planning guides

  • On-the-day scheduling template

  • Group shot list

  • Regional guides

  • So much more!

4. Join our Live Q&As to ask your questions and get personalised wedding planning help

Our free and paid members also get to register to our member's only Live Q&As! It's my way of helping you plan your wedding as much as possible. We cover a certain topic each time but in these sessions, I want to hear your questions and answer as many as possible! This is open to everyone getting married abroad whether in Portugal or elsewhere.

5. Let us help you enquire with your favourite Portugal wedding venues

So you've been searching through our video library and found an awesome venue! Many times couples struggle to make first contact with wedding venues in Portugal. Sometimes due to the language barrier or simply because they aren't sure who to contact. Often the email address on the website is not the best way in, and you need the details of the venue coordinator. On the Venues By Nulyweds platform, every venue page has a contact form that we forward straight onto the coordinator at the venue. That way you know your enquiry will be seen by the right person.

To sign up to our venue platform head to

Hope to see you there!