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Top Tips to Getting the Best Wedding Photos

You know I love to harp on about wedding photography being the most important aspect of your wedding day. I will stand by this to my dying day. Your wedding photos are how you will remember your gorgeous destination wedding for the rest of your life. It is also how your family will look back fondly on that precious day too. So it pays to get photography right! I have written at length about how to find the perfect photographer for you and even created a video about it.

Yes. A great photographer is vital to great wedding photos, but these four tips are things that you can do whoever you hire to ensure your wedding photos are Instagram-worthy.

On this list there is one consideration before you book your photographer, one after you’ve booked and two for during the final preparations of your wedding. Let’s dig in.

Photo by Anne Schwarz Photography

Not all wedding photographers are good with dark skin

Okay so this is for all my highly melanated couples out there who don’t want to change colour on their wedding day. The ugly truth is that not all photographers are skilled in the art of editing dark skin tones in a flattering way and this can really ruin your wedding photos. This is particularly an issue if you are an interaccial couple, as the photographer needs to pay attention to flattering you both well. A super overexposed photo won’t look good at all so be sure to review photographer’s portfolios critically. If you don’t see many dark skinned faces in their online portfolio, ask them as part of your enquiry to see a gallery where they have edited dark skin tones. Most photogaphers won’t mind putting your mind at ease about this.

Have an engagement session

Once you’ve found the wedding photographer for you, ask them if their package includes an engagement session. Engagement sessions are not only fantastic excuses to create some amazing Instagram content, but also put you at ease in front of your photographer’s lens. This is especially important if you are a little camera shy and want to be armed with all the tips of how to look amazing on camera (psst, the secret is just smile and be yourself!)

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

Point out the important guests at your wedding day to your photographer

So this one comes from a horror story that one of my couples told me before looking for photographer for them. They recounted the story of a destination wedding they had gone to the year before. Though the photos were lovely and the editing style was perfect for them, family were appalled that there was only ONE photo of the father of the bride in the whole set and very few of the groom’s sisters. What a nightmare! But think about it. It’s very rare that the photographer has spent ample time with you the day before the wedding day. They usually send over a questionnaire to get some major details form you and the onus is on you to fill this out in full. You should also include names of your immediate family and VIP friends. The photographer needs to know who is super duper important at your wedding day so that a horror story like this doesn’t happen to you!

Keep your group shot lists short

This is somewhat related to the first tip but group shots are less and less a critical part of the day with modern wedding photography. While I don’t advise getting rid of them completely because they are nice to have, I strongly advise that you keep your group shot lists short! The reason is, group shots tend to be done during your drinks reception or on the steps of your church if you are more traditional. The longer your shot list, the longer it’ll take to get them all done and therefore the less time you have to really enjoy your drinks reception. Keep your shot list to the absolute must haves and provide your photographer with names so that it’s easy to round up your VIP wedding party for their photo.

I hope you found these 4 tips to get the best wedding photos helpful! I will be giving you more delicious wedding content every week as per usual so come back every week for fresh content.

Talk soon,