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3 Tips to Budgeting Effectively For a Wedding in Portugal

Juicy juicy topic today all about budgeting in direct relation to weddings in sunny, darling Portugal! If you want to get married in Portugal then of course you’re probably researching about the costs and logistics involved. It’s all good and well looking into some average numbers but here are some considerations, specific to Portugal that you need to take into account when working on your budget plan.

Photo by Luisa Starling

Cheaper but not cheap

This is something I stress to all my couples when it comes to budgeting. Yes, getting married in Portugal may be cheaper than it is in America, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and the like, but it isn’t “cheap” in terms of southern Europe. I would say that the portuguese wedding market is fairly middle of the road in terms of price. Not quite as high as Italy and France, but not quite as low as perhaps Malta and Greece. Aim to get married in Portugal because you love the country, the landscape, the food and the adventure that there is to be had here. Not because you want the cheapest deal.

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

VAT is included in everything

This is a very boring thing to note but still super important to remember! Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to all services and products in all of Portugal by law. For this reason, it is extremely important to ask your suppliers and caterers if your quoted values include VAT or not.

In Portugal, VAT is called IVA and it is currently 23% so it can be quite the uplift on your final values if you haven’t factored this in properly. In some cases, professionals like musicians will prefer to be paid in cash on the day which for goes the IVA tax but this is rare. Be prepared for VAT.

Photo by Marni V Photography

Get some expert advice!

As with everything budget related, the best thing to do is to ask a professional for some more accurate values. I have written a whole blog which includes some rough budget guides depending on the number of guests you have and some rough averages of each budget category. For accurate wedding costs, you’ll need to start the process of comparing quotes or ask a destination wedding planner based here in Portugal for some assistance with creating a true budget plan for you to use as a guide throughout your planning. Most of us planners are a friendly bunch so don’t be afraid to ask if you’d like some help.

I hope you found this little article helpful on some specific budgetary considerations for weddings in Portugal. If you are seriously thinking about creating your dream wedding here and would like some assistance, please do get in touch for a free consultation!