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3 Reasons Why You DON'T Need A Planner

So I am rather open about the fact that I don't think that every couple in the world needs a wedding planner. Not only is it not an available option for many, it is also just not the right fit for every couple. Here are three reasons why you may not need a wedding planner!

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1. You have lots of time

Most of our couples come to us as they have intense jobs and have very little time on their hands. It takes between 250-400hours to plan a wedding depending on the complexity of it all. I'd argue for destination weddings you are much more likely to hit those higher numbers of hours when it comes to your personal planning journey.

So if you have enough weekly hours to set aside to be able to dedicate to your wedding planning, you may not need a wedding planner! This is particularly true if you have a long engagement like 24 months or 18 months.

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2. You LOVE wedding planning

The wedding planning process is not for everyone! It doesn't fill up every bride and groom with joy as they lie to us about in the fairytales. You may love the idea of having a wedding or the prospect of having an awesome party but the planning itself may fill you with dread. These are the clients we tend to work with. The totally wedding planning averse.

But for you, it may be the moment you've been waiting for! Wedding planning may be your complete flow. Maybe you're not an expert at it, but the organisation and research is fun to you. You love a well made spreadsheet, have complex to-do lists and supreme time management. If that's you, you've got this!

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3. You are an expert planner

So loving wedding planning and being an expert at it doesn't necessarily go hand in hand. I am not the first wedding planner to proudly proclaim that she will not be planning her own wedding. Not because I don't love wedding planning - clearly I do! - but I don't think I would enjoy planning my own wedding. Just a bit too overwhelming for me, shocking I know. I'd love the support of a fellow planner to guide me through and save me from my own perfectionism.

But say you are an expert at planning parties or maybe you are an event planner by trade and you relish the idea of planning your own big day. Your expertise will make the planning process far far easier.

So those are three reasons why you don't need a wedding planner. Of course we have worked with couples who have one or a combination of these traits but their want for the undying support of a wedding planner outweighed these reasons.

At the end of the day, you will know the right choice for you. For more information on our wedding planning services in Portugal click here --->