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Portuguese Phrases You MUST Know Before Travelling To Portugal

To be a good tourist, it’s always good to know some basic words in the te local language. Portuguese is notoriously one of the most difficult languages to learn but the basic phrases are pretty easy to remember. Please watch the video for pronunciation and I hope you find this list useful!

If you are planning a wedding in Portugal, you can some useful words that are wedding specific here:

Hello - Olá

Good morning - Bom dia

Good afternoon - Boa tarde

Good night - Boa noite

Goodbye (formal) - Adeus

Goodbye (informal) - Tchau

Thank you - Obrigado (for men) Obrigada (for women)

Please - Por favor

Excuse me - Com licença

One - Um

Two - Dois

Three - Trés

Four - Quatro

Five - Cinco

Six - Seis

Seven - Sete

Eight - Oito

Nine - Nove

Ten - Dez

Twenty - Vinte

Thirty - Trinta

Fourty - Quarenta

Fifty - Cinquenta

Sixty - Sesenta

Seventy - Setenta

Eighty - Oitenta

Ninety - Noventa

One hundred - Cem