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How to Plan a Wedding in Portugal from the UK

Hello to all of you fabulous British couples and a million congratulations on your engagement! If you’re reading this, you are probably considering Portugal as a spot for your destination wedding and if so, you’re in the right place! Portugal is a common favourite holiday destination for Brits and so I fully understand why you are looking to get married here.

As a Brit myself, I can tell you that Portugal is very conducive to a British wedding in so many ways! Beginning the process of planning a wedding abroad can a daunting and stressful one for anyone, which is why I have created an Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Portugal to help you start the process.

That guide will give you the basics for what you need to consider when thinking about planning a wedding in Portugal. However, I wanted to create individual guides too with some top tips for my English, Scottish and Northern Irish couples who are researching their options in Portugal.

Photo by Aguiam Wedding Photography

Will Brexit affect us?

This is the million dollar question. With everything Brexit related, the answer remains to be seen. I simply cannot predict what is going to happen and at the time of writing this (31st March 2019 - two days after Brexit was supposed to have happened - but didn’t) the only true answer is f*** knows!

What I will say is in terms of things you need to keep an eye on are the travel/visa situation and the exchange rate. In terms of registering to marry, I never recommend this in general regardless of where you are from. I go into detail about this in my “How to get married in Portugal legally and why you shouldn’t” article.

Give yourself plenty of time

I know that the UK is really close to Portugal, flights are regular and travel time is short. These are all good things but you should still give your guests ample notice and begin wedding planning with plenty of time to go. I get quite a few last minute planning enquiries from Brits and this makes things more rushed and stressful for everyone involved, including your guests who need to book flights, book time off work and/or arrange childcare.

Photo by David Stubbs

You may spend the same amount but your money will stretch further

My mantra when it comes to planning a wedding in Portugal is that “Portugal is cheaper, but not cheap!” This is important to remember, particularly with the euro and the pound being quite close in conversion rate for the past couple of years. Be mindful of this as your overall budget may still be fully used up when hosting your wedding in Portugal. It may stretch a little further than at home but be realistic. I haven’t an entire blog on how much it costs to get married in Portugal so do consult this. I do update that blog periodically to make sure the information is relevant still.

Consider hosting your wedding in more unique spots in Portugal

Because the UK are so close to Portugal and you have many direct routes to the the three major airports (Lisbon, Porto and Faro) you have alot of flexibility in terms of where in the country you decide to tie the knot. This is the perfect opportunity to explore some of the more unique places of Portugal like Braga, Guimaraes, Estrtemadura and Ribatejo and The Alentejo.

I hope this article was helpful for you! Do check out my Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Portugal for a more comprehensive guide. If you are interested in a colourful wedding or elopement in Portugal, feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.