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How Much Does It Cost To Get Married in Portugal?

Photo by Branco Prata

So I know why you’re really here. You want the lowdown on how much it costs to get married in Portugal. Let’s start with the disclaimer.

Important notes on budgeting to get married in Portugal

  1. I avoid talking about blanket average numbers because every wedding is different. I cannot stress this enough. EVERY WEDDING IS DIFFERENT. And your budget spend will always depend on your final choices. If have done a £70k wedding with a £1k flower budget and a £25k wedding with a £4k flower budget. You need to understand that how much things cost completely depends on what you really want, where you’re getting married, what your priorities are in your wedding budget, who is able to help you out etc. (I’m working on a wedding budgeting series so stay tuned for that!)

  2. In a Destination weddings context, you also need to realise that there are package planners who will create an entire wedding for 50 people for 8000€ with set conditions and set suppliers. This is perfect for you if you want everything done for you with very little choice in the suppliers that work on your wedding. However if you want a truly personalised wedding, the costs fluctuate depending on what you want.

  3. I'd like to reframe the question as "how far will my money go" rather than "how much will it cost". If you have a 25,000€ budget, great! If you have an 100,000€, amazing! Run with it and see what fabulousness you can create.

Average Wedding Costs in Portugal

Here is a sample of average wedding costs for the destination weddings in Portugal that I create.

Photography - €2000 for 10-12 hours

Videography - €2000 for 10-12 hours

Venue, Food and Drink package (inc open bar and evening food) - €100 per person

Flowers - €2000

Venue dressing - €1500

Band - €800

DJ - €500

Celebrant - €600

Cake - €800 (can come free with the venue for a simple cake)

Stationery - €750

Hair and Makeup - €500 for bride, €100 per bridesmaid

Favours - €200

Wedding car - €500+

Average Overall Budgets in Portugal

30-40 guests: €12,000

40-50 guests: €15,000

50-60 guests: €18,000

60-70 guests: €20,000

70-80 guests: €24,000

80-90 guests: €26,000

90-100 guests: €28,000

100-120 guests: €30,000

120-150 guests: €35,000

150-180guests: €40,000

200-250guests: €42,000+

Sample budgets are difficult to create and deliver. Your wedding services can be lower or higher than this depending on what you want. Please work out what your ideal budget is and then consult your chosen destination wedding planner in Portugal to get accurate numbers that are personalised to you, your wedding and your budget.

I hope this article was helpful for you and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!