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How to Define Your Wedding Style

For someone who harps on and on about defining your style as an essential part of wedding planning and showing your true colours on your wedding day, it’s quite terrible that I haven’t written or spoken anything about this topic at length... But better late than never right? Today, I’m finally going to explain what a wedding style is, and a full step by step guide on how to define yours.

What is a wedding style?

Your wedding style is your collective visual identity for your wedding. It draws inspiration from your personal aesthetic individually and as a couple and is applied to your wedding styling for a day that is truly full of your personality!

1. Look at your personal style

Discovering your wedding style requires a bit of self reflection. Don’t worry, it’s not as deep as you think! Of course it is important to think about your wants, needs and values before you get married but we’ll discuss that another time. In this case, I mean thinking about the two of you as a unit - what you like and what you don’t like. Are you folksy and friendly? Glamorous? Old-fashioned? Elegant? Quirky? Relaxed? Sophisticated?

Think about what really makes you tick. A good indicator is how you decorate your home. If you surround yourself with little trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels around the world then perhaps you would like travel to be your theme. If your decor is more minimalist and chic, then why not reflect that style in your wedding style. Consider your hobbies and individual personalities when you do this as they will factor in too.

2. Build a moodboard of wedding inspiration Magazines, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are all great at showing you the options out there. If you think an elegant, country wedding might suit you, have a browse through some images to see if they resonate with you. This step is very important as you may gravitate to a completely different theme when you really look into it. Be sure to save any images you like as they are extremely helpful to your suppliers (particularly venue dressers and florists). On my Instagram, I post regular inspiration for a whole range of themes and colour schemes so follow me there. 

3. Write a statement of style

I know that some people don’t like to label their style, but unless you plan on creating your wedding completely by yourself and from scratch, you;ll need to communicate effectively to your chosen suppliers so they know exactly what you're going for. This is why it's helpful to have a visual moodboard to present and a statement of style for when you have consultations with suppliers. 

Statement of style


We would like a/an (adjective), (venue type) wedding with a colour scheme of ___, ___, ___, and ___.


I have used four spaces in the colour scheme section as this refers to my four tone technique for the perfect wedding colour scheme which you can find here.

For some help filling in the adjective slot and the venue type, I have listed some examples below to help you!

List of adjectives

  1. Bohemian

  2. Rustic

  3. Natural

  4. Glamorous

  5. Luxury

  6. Simple

  7. Traditional

  8. Modern

  9. Vintage

  10. Colourful

  11. Eccentric

  12. Simple

  13. Elegant

  14. Opulent

  15. Avante-garde

  16. Contemporary

  17. Cool

  18. Classic

  19. Understated

  20. Ornate

  21. Ostentatious

  22. Showy

  23. Bold

  24. Gothic

  25. Glitzy

  26. Sparkly

  27. Dazzling

  28. Charming

  29. Sophisticated

  30. Extravagant

  31. Fashion-forward

  32. Trendy

  33. Whimsical

  34. Arty

  35. Cheerful

  36. Light-hearted

  37. Merry

  38. Upbeat

  39. Floral

  40. X-themed (e.g Portuguese themed wedding)

List of venue types

  1. Barn

  2. Farmhouse

  3. Tipi

  4. Marquee

  5. Outdoor

  6. Country

  7. City chic

  8. Luxury hotel

  9. Stately home

  10. Cliffside

  11. Beach

  12. Lakeside

  13. Palace

  14. Castle

  15. Mountainside

  16. Destination

So you’ve reviewed your styles, looked up some images and have a vague idea of the look you want to go for. That’s great! And even if you’re not 100% sure - even better sometimes! The wedding process is very fluid. You will change your mind as you go along and suppliers will help you shape your ideas. It’s good to have a vision but remember to be flexible. You never know what great ideas may come your way!

Hope this little article helped you!

Ta ta for now,