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5 Spring Wedding Colour Schemes You'll Love

Finally I am back blogging about my favourite topic; colour schemes. The colours you choose to dress your home, dress your wedding or dress yourself say so very much about you. I truly believe that your preferred colour combinations are an intimate look into your personality. Not just who you are but also who you want to be. Don’t worry I’m not going all woo woo on you, but just think of your perfect interior design colour scheme right now. Are you a soulful blue, a fiery red or a passionate pink? Are you are monotone soul where things must match or do you live for accent colours and clashing? This is why colour scheming interests me so much, and I absolutely love doing it.

Now before we dig into these Spring colour schemes, check out my video on How To Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme for a place to start. We are going to use the four tone technique which I explain in that video so do check it out beforehand so it all makes sense.

Main colour: Canary yellow

Complementary colour: True orange

Top note: White

Undertone: Emerald green

This colour scheme has the basic essence of Spring whilst also having a vibrant edge with the true orange and canary yellow pairing. Daffs are a must if you are a classic, natural bride for that ‘freshly picked’ look, but pair it with some eclectic mixes of orange blooms like ranunculi, wall flowers, tulips, primroses and marigolds (which are all spring bloomers). A simple, minimal white cake with a few flowers is enough for a bold effect. Keep the styling pared back with long tables, urn arrangements and a bright white, soft linen table runner for a more dreamy look. Though the undertone is green, you do not have to go overboard with the foliage, because all of the elements of this colour scheme are pretty harmonious on their own, so only add lots of foliage if you want a relaxed, undone, bohemian vibe to your wedding styling, rather than to break up the colour (the leaves-to-break-up-colour technique will be used in the next wedding colour scheme idea below). Have fun mixing in the undertone of deep green into your stationery and minute details like ribbons or macarons. Some deep green tall tapered dinner candles with white or bronze candlestick holders would also look fabulous with this colour scheme.

Main colour: Azure blue

Complementary colour: Tomato red

Top note: Pastel yellow

Undertone: Violet purple

This isn’t just your average multicoloured wedding. These jewel tones create an exciting, uplifting wedding styling that will have real wow factor without being overwhelming. The trick to balancing these four contrasting tones is to have enough foliage to blend them together nicely. Don’t think of leaves as ‘adding green’ - they do quite the opposite. The less foliage, the more bold and garish this look will be so be mindful of this when you brief your wedding florist and planner on the look you want. This is unusual in that it doesn’t strictly follow the four tone structure that the rest of the wedding colour schemes in this article do, but rather an equal measure of each tone could look just as stunning as a mainly blue colour scheme with the red, yellow and violet in small measures. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses work wonderfully here but to ground the colour scheme, why not have gorgeous high street dresses in the different tones of your colour scheme? You can go classic, with prom dresses but your bridesmaids may look a bit like dolls. Your bridesmaids will love you for it too, as they’ll be able to wear those dresses again and again! For your tables, I think a long table runner arrangement with pops of flower would be perfect for the rustic, boho wedding, but equally a tall arrangement on a white clothed table would have a more glamorous look. (I am more partial to the running arrangement simply because I am a boho chic at heart!) In either case, votive candles are a must, but do keep the colour the same for these. There are enough bursting colours in the flowers - don’t overdo it. For your wedding cake, I would go nuts with an unusual design that emulates your stationery pattern for cohesion across the board. If you’re brave enough for this multicoloured wedding colour scheme, then have fun with it and don’t be scared!

Main colour: Mint green

Complementary colour: Barbie pink

Top note: White

Undertone: Royal blue

This colour scheme is so sweet! Mint green is criminally under-utilised; I think it is so elegant and serene for wedding styling. To add a bit of excitement, pop in that barbie pink colour, to clash with the green. Peonies are a clear choice for bouquets, but why not also mix in some light succulents that add that minty green colour to your wedding flowers. White is the top note in this, so use it sparingly. It’s a mint green wedding girl, don’t water it down with a ton of white! I also wouldn’t suggest metallics here, as the colour blend here is quite, natural and soft on its own, but I suppose if you want to glam it up, add some gold leaf details on your cake, candle holders and cutlery. For table arrangements, I would suggest round clothed tables with a mix of tall and short arrangements to draw the eye. The royal blue should be used in small details like your stationery and groomsmen’s suits. For your wedding cake, why not have a mint green buttercream masterpiece with a few pink flowers on top? Simple yet elegant. Keep your styling charming and sweet with this one. Think after dark fairy lights, afternoon tea and after eight dinner mints. This colour scheme is also fabulously versatile, suiting a glamorous stately home wedding as much as it would suit a rustic barn wedding.

Main colour: Aqua/turquoise

Complementary colour: White

Top note: Gold

Undertone: Black

Though this wedding colour scheme is quite soft and pretty, that black undertone can add some much needed drama for the more modern, minimalist of you. Think of this as a feast for graphic fonts mixed with watercolour turquoise details and clean white floral arrangements. This look was almost completely inspired by the cake pictured in the moodboard, which I came across when I was actually sourcing inspiration for a completely different wedding moodboard. I love the simplicity of the cake whilst also having a rich, turquoise colour and a sleek appearance. So using the aqua as a main colour, the balance of white to uplift it is very important. It’s not like the previous mint green look where too much white will wash out the green and pink main players. Here white is the complementary colour so you can have an abundance of white flowers in gold candelabras pieces and turquoise table runners or candles to have a nice balance. Add in the black details into your stationery, groomsmen’s suits and small accessories like tulle ribbons draping from your light, spring bouquet or even jet black, cutlery for an uber sleek table setting. Really like this one and I hope you like it too!

Main colour: Fuschia pink

Complementary colour: Blush

Top note: Gold

Undertone: Brown

I save the best for last - this colour scheme is a juicy one! The main colour is a bright popping pink which are a must throughout your styling, in the flowers, stationery, cake, bridesmaids’ dresses and even some knitted ties for your groomsmen. Blush pink is the helping hand here, which should soften the bold pink by adding it into your floral arrangements in particular. I’d say this colour scheme suits a glamorous babe as well as the boho chick depending on the venue and layout of your tables. Go classic with round tables and low arrangements bursting with colour. Gold cutlery, placecards and balloons add a bit of glitz. The undertone here is brown which seems like an odd choice but it really is a booster colour, to bring out the boldness of the pinks. The best way to mix in the brown is through chocolate! Why not have a chocolate semi-naked cake and some chocolate cake pops as favours on the tables? It can also be added in small measure like ribbons for example. As I said before, if the colours are a bit too much for you then add some foliage to balance things a bit but with this one, the stronger the colour, the better the wedding!

That’s it for this week’s styling secrets video and blog. What do you think about these alternative spring wedding colour schemes? Stay tuned for the next styling secrets in May when we’ll be discussing alternative summer wedding colour scheme ideas. Next week on the Nulyweds Youtube channel and blog we’ll be talking about updating wedding traditions. Hit me up on my Youtube channel or my Instagram with any video topics you’d like to see my tackle and I will speak to you soon :)

Ta ta for now,

Olivia x