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5 Alternative Winter Wedding Colour Schemes You'll Love

In today's blog we have my very favourite topic to discuss: colour! 

Now of course it's no secret that I am a complete colour freak - just look at my instagram.

So as your resident wedding colour scheme expert, I thought I would mix it up this coming season. Winter weddings are usually very white, glittery, soft and festive. But why does it need to be that way? Dare to be bold this winter and check out these alternative winter wedding colour schemes. 

Before we start I highly recommend watching and reading my video and blog on how to choose your perfect wedding colour scheme as we will be applying the principles of main colour, complementary colour, undertone, and top note to this guide today. It is my most popular video and blog to date so I know you'll love it!

Main colour: Emerald green

Complementary colour: White

Top note: Gold

Undertone: Deep forest green

This colour scheme is perfect for the bohemian, natural but elegant brides among you. Add a little bit of winter magic with the gold candelabras and fresh white flowers but modernise it by having bold emerald green bridesmaids' dresses, a graphic, white wedding cake and plenty of greenery. Leaves are key here. Think overgrown, urban jungle with a hint of golden glamour. Plenty of fairylights are absolutely necessary as well as a mixture of tealights and gold candelabras to give that wow factor to your wedding reception.

Main colour: Purple

Complementary colour: Raspberry pink

Top note: Gold

Undertone: Burgundy

This winter colour scheme is full of jewel tones that really show off your glamorous side. Perfect for a castle or stately home wedding, this mix of juicy, bold tones will wow your guests in a brand new way. Make your winter wonderland a wash with deep purple with your stationery, cake, flowers and bridesmaids' dresses. The Raspberry pink will be perfect for your floral pieces that should be a mix of tall and short to draw the eye. For lighting, try gold tealights around gold goblets for the floral tablecentres. This way the candles will flicker against the goblets just right, adding to that regal, glamorous feel. 

Main colour: Baby blue

Complementary colour: White

Top note: Silver

Undertone: Mauve

This palette is a little more conventional for a winter wedding but the boldness comes from the mauve undertone. This is an example of the undertone colour changing the complete look and feel of a wedding. The trick is to add in the mauve in surprising places like your cake, flowers and even your bridesmaids' dresses. The silver will make this palette look twinkly and magical for a winter wonderland look. The balance of baby blue and white is crucial but this palette is quite easy to play with so I'm sure you'll make it look stunning.

Main colour: Coral

Complementary colour: Ivory

Top note: Gold

Undertone: Deep red

The red is the knock out colour here. This is a very autumnal scheme but amping up the gold and ivory will make it feel wintery. The flower pieces must have a balance of all colours. Perhaps use gold baubles or gold leaves with your tablecentres, as this can add a real wow factor to your wedding design. Again, lighting is crucial and I've chosen edison bulbs amongst hanging lanterns that will look spectacular at any venue. Don't be afraid of the reds in this one; the coral and ivory will help to balance it all out nicely!

Main colour: Grey

Complementary colour: Peach

Top note: White

Undertone: Black

This is by far my favourite colour scheme in this collection, as the peach and grey are quite typical for winter weddings, but the black and white make it a more edgy, modern wedding colour palette. Softness and simplicity is key in balancing this colour scheme. The grey and peach should work in harmony in your stationery, cake, bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's suits. The black and white will work really well for small embellishments; i.e a bit in your flowers, stationery, table runners and any extra dressing (like balloons for example!)

I hope you enjoyed this round up of  alternative winter wedding colour schemes. Which is your favourite? Let me know on YouTube or Instagram and I'll see you next Wedding Wednesday!

Ta ta for now,

Olivia x