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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding That You Haven't Thought About

Hello everyone,

Sorry that my blogging has been so behind *slaps wrist* But I'm back with some great content for you coming up over the next couple of months so stay tuned.

Today's video and blog is all about saving money on your wedding. I wanted to make sure that I added to the conversation here as there are literally hundreds and hundreds of great blogs and videos about saving money on your wedding. So I was careful to give solid, actionable tips that are still effective but not talked about too often. Without further ado here are my top 5 ways to save money on your wedding that you haven't thought about.

1) Get married abroad

Now I feel the need to qualify this as of course there are other costs involved in marrying abroad. You have accommodation, flights, translation fees, administration fees and often, wedding planning fees from your chosen destination wedding planning service. You also need to bear in mind that there are some much sort after destinations that will carry a hefty price tag. For example, the South of France, the Caribbean and Italy can be astronomical. However places that are a little more obscure like Malta, Portugal, and Scandanavian countries can be much more reasonable. The trick is to think outside of the box, secure venues early and get some help. Planners who are experts in the area you are looking to get married can best advise as to what is realistic for your budget.

2) Design your own wedding stationery

Wedding stationery is one of those things that can be approached in a variety of ways. Some couples want their wedding stationery to be completely stylised, that ties into your theme and perfectly designed by a seasoned professional. Wedding stationers are truly amazing at what they do, pairing exciting design with your personality, but sometimes making your own stationery has that extra personal touch. Whether you make every invite by hand or use fun, online design tools like Canva or Adobe InDesign, it can save you lots of money to take up the mantle of creating your own wedding stationery from scratch. It is very simple to do and printing costs can be waaaaaay cheaper than going the traditional route. 

3) Have your cake for dessert

The amount of wedding cake left over at weddings always drives me crazy. You often spend 4 figures for an expert wedding cake designer to lovingly create a standout masterpiece, only to have it picked at by guests during the evening party but ultimately left for you to take home. I'm certain that 80% of couples dine on cake every morning, afternoon and night for months after their big day because they haven't thought about the simple fact that your wedding cake could be a great dessert.

I know that traditionally the momentous cake cut happens after dinner/speeches and before the first dance, BUT who does tradition anymore? Like really? Why not have your starters, mains, pause for speeches, do your cake cut and then serve your cake for dessert? Or why not scrap the cake cut entirely, display your lovely cake during the drinks reception and then have your caterers or venue team sneakily whisk it away before mains are finished to serve for dessert.

4) Forget marquees

Somewhere along the way, we created the grand rumour that marquees and tipis are just big tents we can put up on a field in the countryside and have the best party ever at the fraction of the cost.


Marquees and tipis have so many costs associated them that they are pretty much on par with a traditional wedding venue. The field itself usually has a hire fee. You then have the tipi or marquee itself which varies on cost depending on the size but typically you can expect to pay anywhere from £5000-10000. You then have generation of power, outdoor caterers, furniture hire, PA systems etc. I don't want to put you off marquee weddings however. They can be beautiful, and sometimes they are just the very best fit for your wedding style. BUT do not decide on a marquee/tipi wedding because you want to save money.

5) Beg and borrow

I mean begging and borrowing in a very specific way. When done right it can save you hundreds an hundreds of pounds so listen closely. 


You have a network of brilliant people in your friends and family who can contribute in fun and interesting ways. Monetary support from parents is the most common but perhaps you have some talented people close to you that can contribute something a bit more concrete. For example, I have a wedding in November in which the Groom's mother has made the wedding cake, a friend is DJing, another friend is officiating, a cousin is designing the stationery - all sorts!  Asking respectfully if your friends and family can contribute to bringing your big day to life is never a bad idea. All they can say is no so why not ask?


This is the same vein, borrowing can also save you lots. Maybe your friend got married last year and had hundreds of jars as candleholders. Maybe your friend has an amazing projector system that could be used for speeches. Ask around and you never know how generous your circle could be. 

So that's my round up of five ways of saving money on your wedding.

Ta ta for now,

Olivia x