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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

Happy #WeddingWednesday everyone! Today we're talking about how to use Pinterest effectively and create your perfect wedding moodboard. Here are my top tips for mastering the platform.

1. Be specific

Pinterest first and foremost is a search engine so think of it just as you would Google or Youtube. The difference is, though, that the more specific your are, the more likely Pinterest will find the images you're looking for. For example, if you put in 'wedding bouquet', Pinterest will find you thousands and thousands of pins, with the most popular right at the top. Whereas if you put in 'modern bright pink wedding bouquet' you'll get results that are narrowed down to what you're looking for. So when thinking of adjectives, think of your style, your chosen season and your colour scheme to really pin point (no pun intended) the images you want. If you're unsure of what colour schemes and styles appeal to you then feel free to put in a broad term like 'wedding bouquet' and use Pinterest's 'more like this' button, which appears as a white circle on the pin, to generate more images similar to the one you've selected. Pinterest is also quite intuitive, and will continue to generate images like the ones you've pinned to your boards, so when you open your account homepage, there will be a selection of personalised pins that Pinterest has chosen for you.

2. Add notes to your pins

Writing notes on your pins is so important, and I encourage every couple I work with to do this. Whenever you save a pin to your moodboard, you can edit the caption and this gives you the opportunity to explain what you like about the image. Of course collecting the image in the first place means that you like it, but it helps to clarify exactly what attracts you to that pin. A caption like 'I like the way the foliage looks against the bright colours in the bouquet' is invaluable information for your florist. This also enables you to pin images that have a certain aspect that you like. For example, say you find a wedding suit that has a gorgeous check pattern but you don't really like the colour. You can specify that in the caption easily. If you just pin images to your board with no specific notes, the suppliers you share the moodboard with will assume you like everything about the image and not know the specifics.

3. Remember it's not all pictures on Pinterest. is all pictures on Pinterest but what I mean is that blogs and businesses often link their information-packed blogs and directories on Pinterest for people to find. If you see an infographic or an image that you like, check the caption as it may lead to a great article that may interest you. This is also a great way to find wedding suppliers. If you find a pin and the account who pinned it is a business, check out their pinterest page and see what they do. If you like their style and their curated inspiration boards then why not get in touch with them to see if they can be on your wedding team! 

4. Share your wedding moodboard

I eluded to this before, but sharing your vision for your wedding has never been easier now that Pinterest is around. The platform makes it incredibly easy to share your boards by sending the direct link to the board to others or by adding people as 'collaborators'. To add someone as a collaborator, simply click the plus sign on your moodboard and type in their email address. It'll generate an email with a link to the board so they can be added as a contributor. They'll be able to add photos and put notes in the captions of the pins you've already pinned. This is a great way of sharing your wedding ideas with your planner, florist, venue dressers, cake designer and even your photographer. 

5. Make sure both of you are contributing

Now that you know how to add collaborators, make sure you are both contributing to the moodboard. You are marrying each other so your wedding should encompass both of your personalities and tastes. If, for example, one of you wants to keep your dress or suit ideas secret and separate from the other, then simply create a secret board under your own account which is completely invisible to everyone except you. You can then safely pin your dream wedding dress or suit look safely knowing your partner won't see it.

6. Get the Pin It Extension

The Pin It Extension is a free extension that attaches itself to your browser so that you can pin images from any site you're on. Many wedding blogs will already have a Pinterest button attached to their photos but it's handy to have for sites that don't do this. You can then make a pin out of anything! Recipes, interior design, blog articles - anything you like the look of. Having a Pinterest Save button can save alot of time and let you pin while you're doing other things. You can find out more here

7. Get the Pinterest app

Another pro tool is the Pinterest app and I looooooove it! The Pinterest app is my top boredom buster as it's so handy to have my moodboards and a world of inspiration in my back pocket. The app works on both ios and android phones so whatever your preferred device, download the app and pin away.

BONUS TIP: Make time to Pin

We all know the feeling of innocently clicking onto Pinterest during our lunch break and realising that 45 minutes has gone as you've been sucked into the sea of pictures.  I feel your pain and as much as I love pinning to pass the time, it is a huge source of procrastination and can distract you from getting important wedmin done. Try to be intentional with your pinning and set aside time to search for inspiration. That way you won't feel that pang of guilt that you should be doing something productive. 

And there you have my best tips for mastering Pinterest. But I didn't learn how to up my pin game on my own. I had the help of the lovely Rebecca Viner at Sparked Passsion who is an expert on social media for business women wanting to boost their online presence. Definitely check her out via this link (not sponsored):

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest and I'll see you next week!

Ta ta for now!