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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Portugal

Having spent my teenage years living in Portugal, I’ve come to know this little country very well and that’s why I offer a unique destination wedding planning service for Portugal. But first, why should you even consider Portugal as a wedding destination? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should get married in Portugal.

Photo by Piteira Photography

1. A Wedding in The Sun

The stand out factor for a wedding in Portugal is the fantastic weather. Located in the South of Europe, Portugal has a dry, warm climate in the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months. Location also is an important factor when it comes to the type of sunshine you’re after. For example, if you like the idea of a countryside wedding, then the Alentejo is the place to be which has a very arid, hot climate. If you’re after a beach side wedding then the Algarve would be beautiful, where it is a little cooler due to the sea breeze.

I personally recommend my clients to get married in the Spring or early Autumn (e.g March, April, May, September and October). This is because the summer months in Portugal, particularly in the scenic Alentejo, can be extremely hot reaching heights of 40 degrees. It can be extremely difficult for vulnerable guests, like your elderly guests and children, to enjoy your wedding in this kind of heat; not to mention it is a very long day sweating in a wedding dress and/or suit. If you do want to brave the Portuguese Summer, I would suggest you opt for an evening ceremony at around 4 or 5pm. This way you can take advantage of the long sunset and the warm nights for your reception and party.

Photo by Piteira Photography

2. There is so much to explore

The Algarve is perfect for beach lovers everywhere. If you’ve always dreamt of a wedding on the beach then you’d be hard pressed to find more perfect beach venues than the wedding venues in the Algarve. But there is so much more to explore than the Southern region Algarve. There is the famous Douro Valley in the North which spreads eastwards from the glittering city of Porto. There is the historical and varied Estremadura and Ribaetjo region, where pretty little Sintra sits with its palaces and vast national park. What about The Alentejo with its dry, arid atmosphere, country charm and amber cork fields. So much to explore, see and do here not just as a wedding destination but also an amazing holiday experience for all of your guests.

Photo by Piteira Photography

3. Talented Wedding Suppliers

Portugal is home to some amazingly talented suppliers. I work closely with a range of great people who can make your wedding sparkle. A great wedding is made purely by a great team of suppliers. I personally think that some of Portugal’s photographers are some of the best in all of Europe. I will say don't be disheartened by a very traditional portfolio. The local wedding market is a bit behind with the times with traditional white weddings still being in the most demand. But if you are willing to push the envelope with a colourful, lovely celebration than so are the creatives here.

Photo by Piteira Photography

4. More for your money

The fifth and final reason why you should get married in Portugal is it is way more cost effective than getting married in the UK. I need to qualify this however. I’m not saying you won’t spend £20k+ on your wedding. When it boils down to it, marrying abroad brings its own set of costs and challenges. For example, some of the money you’ll save on the wedding itself will go on accommodation and transport costs so do keep that in mind. However, overall, your money will go further in Portugal than it does in the UK (particularly London and the South East). As always, you can’t really quantify how much you’ll spend on your wedding as it depends on your tastes and final choices.

Photo by Piteira Photography

5. You love Portugal!

The fifth and final reason why you should get married in Portugal is because you just love it here! If you love Portugal and what she represents; the fresh food, the fado, the sea, the lush green vineyards, the port, the language, the accommodating people, the vibrant buzz, the cafe culture, the cobbled streets and everything in between - of course this is the place for you. If you can imagine yourself having an enriching experience here, sharing your love with your friends and family under the Portuguese sun then absolutely go for it. You don't need any further reason to tie the knot here than your pure love for the gorgeous land.

That’s my little round up of the 5 reasons why you should get married in Portugal. If you have any questions about getting married in Portugal then do pop me an email or comment on the video above and I’ll get straight back to you!

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