Save The Planet: A Guide to Eco-Weddings

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I'm so happy to bring you today's special guest post on eco-weddings! It's so important in today's world to be green and environmentally responsible so why should your wedding be any different?!

So I asked Emma from Paperless Wedding to help us achieve a greener wedding! 

Weddings use so much paper and card! How can I cut down on this?

There are lots of ways your can reduce how much paper you use. Instead of buying a glossy magazine check out the amazing variety of awesome blogs. There is a blog out there just for you that can inspire and guide you on your wedding planning journey. The fact you are reading this, means you have already found the best! ;-)

You can send digital save the dates and invitations instead of the traditional paper variety. This saves paper and reduces your carbon footprint and saves you pennies too! At Paperless Wedding we even offer free Save the Dates too!

Going online for your gift registry saves paper too. No additional notes in paper invites. You guests can browse your list, contribute or purchase and even leave you a message. Not a piece of paper in site!

Can DIY help me to be more environmentally friendly?

DIY can be the most eco way of having a wedding. Reuse and upcycle is the key to a successful eco wedding. Everything from jam jars for tea lights, to wearing an upcycled wedding dress, help your wedding be that bit greener! When you have a DIY wedding you tend to think about things a lot more from all perspectives. How long will it take to make? Where can I get the stuff locally? How much is it? With this thought process it is easy to add it can I do it ‘greener’?

How do I know my suppliers are operating in a sustainable way?

There is no wedding eco guide seal that I have come across. Hotels often state if they have solar power, recycling and local produce policies. If they are Eco, then usually that is one of their unique selling points!

How can I re-use my wedding flowers?

If you are having flowers, first of all make sure they are seasonal and local. Then make sure they are easily movable. This means flowers at one venue, like where you marry, can be easily moved to dress where you are having the evening reception. I used my bouquet to decorate my cake!

Once the wedding is over there are charities and hospices that love receiving the flowers for the people they help for example

What are your top tips for making a wedding more eco-friendly?

My top tips for an eco-friendly wedding would be:

1. Sourcing your food locally and having seasonal menu means everything is super fresh too.

2. Reuse and upcycle anything you can to decorate your venue. Makes it feel so much more personal.

3. Use Paperless Wedding of course for your wedding website and invitations. 

Thanks so much to the lovely Emma from Paperless Wedding. She creates beautifully designed online wedding invitations and Save The Dates which cuts down on paper and your stationery budget! Check out Paperless Wedding here:





Ta ta for now! 

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