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My Seven Weddings

Bit of fun today! I often get asked by friends and family "what is your dream wedding?"

These people obviously think as a wedding professional I am some saddo who thinks about weddings constantly and therefore has planned out her wedding in intricate detail. So my reaction is justifiably the following:

"What?! You think I have a dream wedding? I have like SEVEN!"

So to put all the burning questions to rest dear readers, here are my seven weddings (in no particular order)

Portugual inspired wedding style board

1) Miss Mediterranean

You may or may not know this but I spent my awkward adolescent stage (14 to 16) in Portugal. In just two years Portugal had a huge impact on me. Not only did I take away some (very rough) Portuguese speaking skills, I also found a real beauty in Portuguese culture.  This is where Miss Mediterranean comes from and part of me wants a real Portuguese shindig in one of Portugal's gorgeous venues like Quinta da Bichinha or Quinta da Santana.

For this styling I'd love to mix an uplifting splash of yellow and spring green to the traditional white and blue tile pattern. Cute little cake and cross back chairs for some country flair. Outdoors in the Portuguese sunshine..naturally!

Scottish inspired wedding style board

2) Queen of the Castle

I think Scotland is such a stunning country. And even though I'm not princessy at all (bitch please!) a part of me would loooooooove a true Scottish Castle wedding. In this moodboard we have Duns Castle which would look fabulous with rich, juicy jewel tones that are bold and sumptuous. 

I like that word...sumptuous

I would add in some gold accents to lift the colours and wow my guests in a Vera Wang like POW. 

Hollywood glam inspired wedding style board

3) Old Hollywood Glamour

I'm a big film buff.

P.S see Get Out, it's my favourite film of the year so far, but I digress...

If I were to have a Hollywood glam thing, it would be stripped back to a level of chic you can't even imagine! All anemone bouquet, sleek light-up letters with my (new) name and ghost chairs in the gorgeous city venue Devonshire Terrace. My with a killing blue tone red lip that makes my face pop, while I rock a Sassi Holford with my girls glittering by my side. #deceased

Winter wedding style board

4) Peachy in the Snow

I loooove this one!

If my family could stand the cold I would have the most serene, stylish snowy wedding. I would fly everyone to the Alps if I had to, just for the perfect background! This look is inspired by the softness and dreariness of winter with deep grey, teal and black undertones underlying a fresh peach highight colour. Very stripped back on the table (y'all know how I do!), watercolour inspired stationery and for me, a killer Vera Wang in a deep colour.

Autumn inspired wedding style board

5) Inside a Pumpkin

Autumn is another season with lots to offer wedding wise. 

Okay, okay, I basically love every season. So sue me!

Bear with me though. Classic autumnal tones in an excited simplistic style. I chose The London Rowing Club for this one as the hard wood really adds to the atmosphere. Rich auburn and oranges offset by some black accents in stationery and crockery would look super cool! The dress here is Patchouli by Claire Pettibone which I used in my last shoot! (Coming soon)

Modern hot pink wedding style board

6) Nulyweds Pink

My sixth wedding would feature my signature hot pink that I use for Nulyweds branding. It's punchy, it's bold and it's me all over. The Orangery at Holland Park would be the perfect background for this as the palette is neutral but also extremely stylish. Here we have a Charlie Brear Dress that I just cannot contain my excitement for. This wedding is definitely one of my faves.

Geometric and lavender wedding style board

7)  Geometrics in Lilac

Finaly at number 7 is a modernista's dream with geometric shapes and pastel colours for the ultimate instagram-worthy wedding. The softness of the lavender bouquet and a bohemian dress really offsets the cube cake and edgy stationery beautifully. Again I could create this tomorrow and love it to pieces.

And those are the magic seven! Full disclosure in my opinion, a wedding depends on the two of you so these are styles that I like but if the day ever comes when I find myself engaged the plans may be completely different!  For the moment though, these are my dream weddings and if you like any of them, I've made moodboards on Pinterest for all of them. (Feel free to steal them. We won't tell anyone that they are my fantasies - it'll be our little secret ;) )

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x