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How Hiring A Wedding Planner Makes Your Life A Squillion Times Easier

When I started working in the wedding industry and calling myself a planner, I was met with a mixture of impressed and confused faces. My friends imagined J-Lo-esque glamour with plenty of coffee meetings. They imagined a super stressed demeanour with an ear piece to scream down when things go wrong. They imagined bridezillas, judgy parents, huge flowers and even huger budgets.

Yet no one really knew what my role fully entailed and why it was so essential. So here I’ll show you why wedding planners are so great and make your life a squillion times easier!

Wedding planner with bride

 Photo by Adam Riley

We keep things organised, methodised, catergorised, synchronised

I think it’s a requirement that all wedding planners must be highly strung and obsessed with order. We sift through your ideas, moodboards, contracts, agreements, budgets, schedules and calendars and sort them into neat little folders ready for easy consumption. Think of us as your human Siris! Reminding you to pay suppliers on time, work out your timings for the day, book your appointments and keep you on track for the perfect wedding with minimal stress.

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

We do the things ain’t nobody got time for

Ain’t nobody got time for reading the fine print on contracts, spending hours sourcing a supplier for a 1964 Bentley, negotiating a better price on your makeup for the day and all that stuff. You have a job, a home, maybe children and other responsibilities to deal with! Well wedding planners have all the time in the world for the boring admin bits. We love all that! This leaves you to enjoy the warm, fluffy, sickly sweet world of planning like cake tasting and flower meetings – *swoon*

I will say though that we do not have time for people who turn up to the wedding uninvited.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Photo by Anne Schwarz

Our supplier lists are the dog’s bollocks

Suppliers are our arsenal. Our ability to have an awesome dressmaker/videographer/fire dancer/falcon handler on speed dial makes the wedding process so much easier. As a rule most planners (good ones) only recommend suppliers they have tried, tested and feel 1000% confident will deliver an amazing service. We maintain good working relationships with talented people too in order to get the best deals and discounts for you too!

An example of one of my Pinterest boards 

Our brains are like Pinterest

Creativity and vision is a must for a planner which makes us the perfect sounding board for fun, quirky ideas. Personally I like to keep my creative muscle exercised which is why I create new moodboards all the time and search for inspiration anywhere and everywhere! Being your own personal Pinterest means we can collate concepts and design the wedding around you.

bride and wedding planner

We are your cheerleaders, agony aunts and expert chinwaggers

Above all, when your maids are sick of the fluffy wedding talk and your groom is stressing about the costs, we are hear to listen and celebrate your engagement. You’re guaranteed plenty of excited texts back when we see your dress, a calming influence when you’re at loggerheads with the groom and overall just someone to be a friend when things get a little crazy. Weddings can be hectic and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible.

I hope this helps you to decide whether hiring a wedding planner is right for you!

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x