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Put A Ring On It: The Proposal

In all honesty, I had this blog all written out and ready to go but a conversation with a close friend of mine yesterday has made me rethink this article a bit. So here we go!

You've got the perfect ring, so now you need to devise the perfect way to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to marry you. This is no mean feat which is why we start with...

 Photo by Lex Fleming

Be sure they are The One

Of all questions you can't un-ask, this is number one. You need to be 100% sure that they are the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. True love is one key part of course but there are some other more practical things to consider as well. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask yourself before popping the question:

  • Do you want the same things for the future?

  • Have you spoken about children?

  • Have you agreed upon your living arrangements?

  • Do you envision yourself with them for a long time?

  • Do they even want to get married?

This is all to say listen to your heart about how much you love them, but don't underestimate the power of being a smart match! 

 Photo by Lex Fleming

Private or Public?

A key question in your perfect proposal is whether to keep the moment a private affair between the two of you or to involve the outside world. Popping the question in a busy restaurant, hiring a skywriter or dropping down on one knee at the end of running a marathon would all be considered 'public' proposals. There is a sense of exposure here and makes the gesture a grand one. Whereas at home by the fire, on your daily dog walk or strolling down the moonlit streets of Venice could all be considered 'private' as there is more of an intimate bubble around you. To decide which is right for you, consider your partner's personality. A grand gesture can be endlessly romantic and create the perfect story. On the other hand something as simple as surprising your partner with a home cooked meal and a proposal cake can make time stand still for them. You'll know just how to tug at their heart strings just by knowing them as intimately as you do, so let that guide you.

 Photo by Lex Fleming

Using props

So I made mention of 'proposal cakes'. These come in all shapes and sizes but a popular form is the Tiffany Box cake with a little icing slot to put your ring in. Another 'prop' which isn't really a prop is enlisting your furry friend to help. This may take a bit of training, especially if you want your cat or dog to hold the ring on their nose, but a bit of practise makes a purrfect proposal... (I apologise to no one for that terrible joke! :P ) There are many options from music boxes that reveal the ring to trained birds of prey that can carry the ring in a pouch. However I would advise against hiding the ring in any food or champagne flutes for example just in case they don't spot it!

 Photo by Lex Fleming

A good moment creates a good story 

In our ever more publicised lives there's a pressure to make everything the best it's ever been. The best relationship. The best holiday selfie. And indeed, the best proposal. Please don't feel pressured by all this. Your proposal is a truly personal thing, so put emphasis on crafting a romantic moment rather than a good story. One will follow the other. Let's take my 'home cooked meal and proposal cake' example which may sound vanilla to some of you:

What actually happened:

You prepared a candlelit dinner in your apartment and after the meal brought out a tiffany box cake with an engagement ring enclosed.

How she/he will re-tell it: 

'So I came home, absolutely knackered from work and he/she had made the biggest effort. There were candles and music and it was so so romantic! He/She made lasagna because she/he knows how much I love it. I asked why and he/she just said it was just a special treat. It felt like a first date all over again. At the end, he/she brought out this adorable cake with my name on it. Really nervous to open it at first but there it was! Just the perfect diamond ring!!! I couldn't believe it, it was so perfect.'

Not quite so vanilla now is it? Anyone who is made to feel special in even the simplest way, will remember it forever and replay it as the best story in the world. 

 Photo by Lex Fleming

And that's it! I hope this article helps you to craft the perfect proposal. For some unique ideas I love this article on How He Asked so do check it out!

All photos used in this article are by the lovely Lex Fleming who has a special proposal photography service to capture your engagement on camera! You can find out more here:

Ta ta for now!

Olivia x