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A Case For Winter Weddings

 Photo by James Christianson

This post is a bit late as I should probably write about winter weddings before winter arrives but here we are. Here is my case for winter weddings!

Winter Wonderland

Though everyone has a favourite wedding season which is very personal to your style, winter weddings have alot to offer. The typical winter style involves lots of pastel colours, candles and faux fur. All lovely things! However, the winter weddingscape is changing with richer colours on offer and creative festive additions popping up. Scandinavian styling is also a great option for a cool, slick winter wedding. A great wedding can happen at any time of the year so don't be afraid of the colder months!

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

Low Season Rates

In the wedding world October - March is low season where there are less weddings and therefore suppliers and venues alike often offer better rates during these quiet months. Take advantage of that! Note that Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Year's Eve will either have a surcharge or be unavailable for many suppliers. 

 Photo by David Stubbs

Warming touches

From mulled wine to miniature apple crumbles, hot chocolate stations to shawl favours - the possibilities are endless for warming touches at your winter wedding. For something a bit more Christmassy I love the idea of favours housed in mini stockings for each person. It's kitsch but still a nice touch.

Photo by Beatrici Photography

Be Unique!

Though they are bright and beautiful, Summer weddings are a dime a dozen. Winter weddings are rarer and therefore, more unique! Rejoice in the fact that you did something different and daring.

That's it! Short and sweet :) Let me know what you think about Winter Weddings!

Ta ta for now,

Olivia x