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Behind The Magic: I Love Crepes

Who doesn’t love crepes? Light, moreish and hugely popular with guests young and old – crepes are slowly growing in popularity with wedding couples as an evening food option. So for this week’s blog, I interviewed the wonderful husband and wife team from I Love Crepes to get their two cents on the wedding crepe trend.

London Wedding Crepes - Nulyweds - London wedding planner
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Why Crêpes? (What brought you into the crepe making world?)

“We both have a sweet tooth at the best of times, however, myself (Martyn) had not knowingly come across crêpes before. On a short winter break to Malta with my now wife Amanda, this quickly changed. Amanda pointed out what a treat they were and reluctantly shared some of her Nutella Crêpe. I am sure I am not the only partner who says that I do not want something then eye it up immediately. After this crêpes seemed to be available around every street corner we walked, which was no bad thing.

From this I thought if they were popular with holiday makers why wouldn’t they be popular back home and the rest is history…

Describe a typical wedding day for you?

Weddings are different from the other events we do, like festivals etc. as we get a little lie in. This is a rare treat in our line of work! They also differ from one to the other, as we tailor our service to the bride and groom and their venue which keeps us on our toes.

The majority of the van is set up for our adventures the day before, so it leads me to run through the final bits of a check list for the wedding. This will probably mean ensuring any special requests such as allergen requests or personal décor are included.

We leave the preparation of the crêpe batter to the very last minute to ensure freshness and have a brief 20 minute break, before storing crêpe batter in the vehicle. Admittedly we are a little stressed at this point as it is like when you go on holiday and double check (even triple) check whether you have your passport or not.

Then it is on the road. Being based in Leicestershire, it allows us to get to a large part of the UK in 2 hours, with London being a large part of our business. Arriving 3-4 hours at the venue before the time of service we set up and wait with anticipation for what the night will bring.

Sometimes it takes one person to ask for a crêpe before everyone else initiates the walk over to our crêpe station. It’s a British thing I think. Then for the next 2 hours we cook for our guests from a menu that the bride and/or groom have chosen. These 2 hours are the most enjoyable part of what we do. We are very lucky to share in the unique and joyous atmosphere each wedding creates.

London wedding crepes - Nulyweds - London wedding planner

Photo by Phil Drinkwater

What is your favourite crepe topping and why?

This is a hard question to answer and can sometimes change, but I would have to go for Lemon & Sugar. It is simple, but refreshing and complements the crêpe perfectly. My personal preference is not to overpower the crêpe, which the fruit fillings subtlely do not. Amanda loves Marshmallows and Nutella, which is very popular with all ages, but particularly the children we see.

Why do you think crepes make a good addition to a wedding day?

I would like to say because they are low in calories, which they relatively are…until you add the Nutella on! Oh I could say many reasons, but I will try and keep this short…

Whilst growing in popularity they are still quite new to the wedding scene compared to say the hog roast or chocolate fountain leading guests to be surprised and excited to have the opportunity to choose from I Love Crepes. Offering versatility the bride and groom can choose their favourite options. Whether this be Strawberries & Cream or Mozzarella, Tomatoes & Pesto there is something for everyone to like.

Most importantly they are delicious! Using organic and free range ingredients it is essential for how they taste and of course cooking from fresh. My other tip is never to have pre-heated crepes.

wedding planner london - south east - wedding crepes

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What essential piece of advice would you give to couples on their wedding day?

No more than brides and grooms know already. Relax and enjoy! The relax bit is the hardest part. As I know from my own personal experience.

I would also say read the t & c’s carefully before you select your venue. Some venues are more flexible than others when it comes to anything from the DJ’s you use to the caterers that you can have.”

Many thanks to I Love Crepes for all their participation in today’s blog! I had the pleasure of working with Martyn and Amanda last year and they are fantastic. Flexible, friendly and professional which is exactly what you want for your big day. The crepes are freshly made before your eyes and during the time you’ve booked them, the crepes are unlimited so guests can back for more as much as they want. Check them out on the links below and tell them Olivia sent you!




Ta ta for now!

Olivia x