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10 Things Your Wedding Coordinator Wants You To Know

Wedding coordinators, in-house or independent, are there to guide you and advise you on how to create your perfect day. In-house coordinators for a venue are amazing as they know their venues inside and out, as well as being able to liaise with you on every aspect of your wedding. One such Superman is Will Breteau who is the Group Private Hire and Events Manager at Drake & Morgan. Having worked with Will, I thought he would be the perfect person to help with this special blog. Without further ado here are 10 things your wedding coordinator wants you to know.

Wedding at The Happenstance – Tom Hampson Photography

1. Choose your ceremony and reception venues first?

‘The first thing I would advise to couples is to settle on their venues first and make sure they feel right to them. You need to feel comfortable and at home at your wedding venue as it’s hosting the biggest day of your life! Once you find the locations that make you feel 100% happy, everything else falls into place.’

2. Come armed with questions

‘When you do a venue visit, it’s worth preparing a few questions to ask so you feel clear on everything. No doubt we’ll give you all the information you need but it’s always worth jotting down any queries you have. Ask away, we won’t bite!’

3. Don’t worry about the little things

‘Particularly in the beginning. There is no use in fretting over the minute details so early on. If you relax and take a step back you’ll see that everything will unfold naturally.’

4. Get your wedding party involved

‘Having your friends and family help with the running of your wedding day really helps with cutting down stress. They can help in so many ways on the day. You can have your groomsmen help people find their seats. Perhaps your over-confident brother would be a perfect MC. Maybe if you’re moving flowers from ceremony venue to reception venue, someone can kindly drive them over for you. The venue team are always on hand to help but it’s always handy to have your friends pitch in.’

Glimpse from my shoot at The Anthologist – Beatrici Photography

5. Visit venues more than once

‘To get a real feel for your chosen venue I always recommend visiting more than once – on different days and different times during the day so you can see what the space looks like in different light and weather. If you can, visiting during the season you’re getting married (so summer for a summer wedding) is even better. However if you want to drop in always contact the wedding coordinator first! We don’t want our couples crashing someone’s party or visiting when the venue is closed!’

6. Use Pinterest

‘Pinterest is a great resource! I recommend all of our couples use it so that they can discover what they like and what they don’t like. Our Pinterest board is full of inspiration directly from our venues so you can see how the venues can be dressed in a variety of ways. ‘

7. Choose the right entertainment for you

‘Everyone has a standard wedding band which works very well but if you prefer something a bit different, don’t give in to pressure! Your wedding is what you make of it and your entertainment choices should be as unique as you. If you love Mexico, why not have a Mariachi band? If you’re a jazz lover (like Olivia ) why not have a full jazz band play for you? Don’t be afraid to show off your personal tastes!’

Wedding at The Happenstance – Babb Photo

8. Remember it’s your wedding …

‘We see this all the time when couples are so eager to wow all of their guests that they put aside what they really want, especially when it comes to menu choices. Don’t stress yourself by trying to please everyone. This is your wedding so do what will please you’

9. …but learn to compromise

‘Sometimes it’s good to listen to advice of suppliers and friends and family. It’s important to have a clear view of what you want but try not to be completely rigid. Some things will work better than others so compromising is key to getting the best for your big day.’

10. Have fun!

‘Planning a wedding doesn’t need to be overly stressful! It’s a big party you throw for your friends and family so why not enjoy yourself planning it! If it helps to relieve your stress, we at Drake & Morgan offer a complete complimentary wedding planning service so we can leave you to enjoy the fun bits!’

Wedding at The Fable – Sachin Khona Photography

Thank you so much to the amazing Will Breteau for his invaluable advice in this piece. Drake & Morgan are a group of eclectic, sleek, upmarket venues based in London (soon expanding to Manchester and Edinburgh!). The private hires team are experts at creating bespoke weddings and events with no venue hire, low minimum spends and no packages or set menus. They also have a delicious seasonal menu and are always willing to go the extra mile to make your day special. Your wedding day is what you make it with Drake & Morgan which is why I love their philosophy so much!

Check them out on the links below:



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Ta ta for now!

Olivia x