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Your Wedding List The Right Way

I asked Esther Rulli, the co-founder of luxury online wedding gift list service Blue Ribbon Company for her expertise on getting your gift list right. There's a little bonus from me at the end so let's get into gift listing the right way!

I’m not sure what I want! How do I start creating a wedding gift list?

There are several ways to create a great wedding gift list - you can start by simply browsing the site to see if anything catches your eye; you can call us for a consultation, and we can help you over the phone; lastly, we can send you a must-haves list with really great basics, or a list tailored to your personal preferences and needs, based on the initial call.

How do online gift lists work?

It’s a very straightforward and effortless process. The online registration only takes a minute, and then you can start adding items to your wedding list, i.e. to your wishlist. The guests will then purchase your selected items, or perhaps gift vouchers.

What if I change my mind after the wedding?

You can change your mind as many times as you like before you close your list and place your order with us. You can choose to spend your friends’ and family’s contributions on a few larger items, or choose entirely different pieces altogether. In addition to the curated selection shown on our website, we can source any item from the 80 brands we work with. We also offer a 10% discount for the couple to complete their list - you would not want to end up with a set of 5 forks!

How do I let my guests know about my gift list?

We offer complimentary insert cards, with very carefully and graciously worded message, informing guests that you are registered with Blue Ribbon, but not making them feel obliged to buy a gift. The other option would be to send them a link to your registry, or post it on your wedding website. Your maid of honour and best man can also subtly spread the message, in a more personal and informal way.

What piece of advice would you give all brides and grooms on creating their ideal gift list?

Don’t overthink the process! With a helping hand, this is a really fun experience to put your gift list together and our amazing stylists can help identify personal style and find gifts that are ideal for you and your home. These will be the items that you will be delighted to receive and that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Olivia's Golden Rules of Wedding Gift Lists

#1 Choose products at a range of price points - Not all of your guests will be able to spend 100s on your ideal gift so be mindful to choose products from low to high.

#2 Mention your gift list respectfully in your invitations - A cute way to go about this is to say 'Your presence is present enough but if you would like to offer a gift, we are registered at..'. Alternatively, as previously mentioned, Blue Ribbon Company provide an insert card for your invitations that does the asking for you!

#3 Never EVER expect a gift - No guest should be made to feel bad for not bringing a wedding gift. It is completely up to them whether or not to contribute so do not expect it of people. Generally speaking your guests will surprise you with their generosity when you approach them from a place of modesty rather than obligation.

Many thanks to Esther for her help with this article. Esther Rulli is the co-founder of Blue Ribbon Company alongside Zsofia Jamieson. Blue Ribbon Company is a luxury wedding gift and list registry service that stocks high end homeware products from over 80 brands. Their products are all packaged with care and delivered right to your door sealed with their signature blue ribbon. For a wedding gift list full of unique, high quality pieces, check out For more advice on compiling the perfect gift list contact

Hope this article helped you and I'll see you soon!

Olivia x