Why Every Woman Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

When someone says ‘boudoir photography’ or ‘lingerie shoot’ it often brings up a very distinct image in our minds. The kind of photoshoot a vein, barbie doll does in attire fit for a lady of the night, shot in a seedy, dark basement by a photographer with excessively oily hair. We think of it as an exercise for the kinky or overly confident.

‘I would never do something like that’ and for a long time I thought the same.

However there has been a steady increase in popularity for boudoir shoots empowering women with that Gok Wan touch of How to Look Good Naked. All of a sudden, women of all shapes and sizes were quietly giving it a go as a gift to their husbands. Reclaiming that sexiness and adding some spice. It’s particularly popular with brides so naturally, I gave it a go (not so quietly).

I was suitably shy at first. I researched the field thoroughly and chose a photographer that I felt would fit the aesthetic I wanted. Soft and pretty. At our consultation Stormy made an real effort to understand me, bring out my confidence and tailor the shoot to my style which made me feel at ease. On the day itself, I was treated to full hair and makeup of my choosing and I brought my favoured outfits for the day. A couple of deep breaths, some initial test shots and off we went.


Stormy was like a cheerleader coaching me through every pose. I was shocked by how in tune I felt with my body. I wasn’t just thinking about pushing my bum out, but also about how soft my hands were, elongating my shape, making myself giggle for the perfect smile. It was hard work but I had never felt so pretty, concentrating on only myself for those few hours.

A couple of weeks later the photos were ready. I met with Stormy again to go through them and could not believe what I saw.


A rush of pride and prettiness went straight to my head. There I was. My big nose, my flat chest, my ski-like feet – all together, all beautiful. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It has been a week since I received the photos and I still haven’t come down from that inner sense of confidence. Every woman deserves to feel this way which is why I’m putting this out there.

You may be tall. You may be small. You may be curvy. You may be skinny. Whatever your shape, colour, style or creed you deserve to feel beautiful inside and out. A boudoir shoot can show you a side of yourself you never thought you’d see. Someone who is confident, sexy and ready to take on the world. It can also allow you to be selfish, planning your outfits and pampering yourself with mani-pedis to prepare for the day. If you really want to boost your self confidence, this is a unique way to push your limits (and also makes a great cheeky present for the Mister or Mister-to-be)

The photographer of these beautiful shots is Stormy Sloane from Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography. Stormy is an expert at making you feel comfortable and bringing out your playfulness. You can completely tailor your experience from the location and makeup to the feel of the shoot. Check her out on the links below and tell her Olivia sent you!

W: http://rebelandromance.com/

E: stormy@rebelandromance.com

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Whoever you choose, have fun with your boudoir shoot then come back and tell me all about it! Have you ever done a boudoir shoot? Are you thinking of doing one? What’s holding you back? Leave it all in the comments and let’s get the conversation going! Happy to do a ‘Top Tips’ type article on doing your own if you’d like so let me know.

Ta ta for now,


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