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How To Beat Camerashyness On Your Wedding Day

So not everyone is a fan of having their picture taken. It’s very different to a selfie after all where you can instantly see yourself and adjust if you need to. Professional photos have a layer of mystery as you can’t see what the photographer sees. I feel exactly the same – don’t worry! To help us beat camerashyness, I asked the lovely wedding photographer Irene Yap for her sound advice. Let’s get to it!

What can you do to relax when feeling awkward?

My advice would be to try and live in the moment as much as possible. Your only tasks on your wedding day is to get married, eat well, drink champagne and dance the night away. There’s no need to stress about what the photographer is up to – we’re experts at making you look great! It’s normal to feel at bit awkward in the first instance but you’ll soon get used to it.

What poses look most natural in photographs?

Poses that you feel comfortable in will always look natural in photos. For instance, when I direct my couples I will sometimes say things like ‘give them the hug that you’d give when they get home from a long trip away’, or for sit down poses I’d say ‘sit as if you’re on your couch watching TV together’. Normally they just fall into poses that look natural. A big hug from behind or a kiss on the forehead are also some of my go-to poses.

How can you as a photographer help a nervous bride or groom?

I always encourage my couple to have an engagement shoot before the wedding to get a taste of what it’s like being in front of my lens. It’s also a great chance for us to get to know each other, so on the wedding day they are familiar with me which helps them loosen up.

When I’m at a shoot I find that getting my couple to do things/talk about things invariably help distract them and make them relax a bit more. I always start off by having my couple walk towards me while holding hands and talking to each other. Depending on the situation I always try to ask them some questions (i.e. do you remember a time when he made you the happiest etc), it helps them focus on each other rather than my camera.

Irene Yap - London Wedding Photograoher - Nulyweds - London Wedding Planner
What if you’re self conscious about your arms/legs/back/bum?

Try to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, or that could cover up the parts that you feel really self conscious about. It is also important to let your photographer know that so they can try their best to avoid it.

What would be your golden piece of advice to all brides and grooms on their wedding day?

Relax and have fun! A lot of the time things don’t go to plan, but there is really no point in getting stressed out about it- you’ve done your best with the preparation so just go with the flow. It is a celebration of love and joy so focus on that and enjoy the time with your loved ones

That’s it! Thank you so much to Irene Yap for her help with this article. Irene is a London based wedding photographer who loves to capture a couple’s story. Her naturally friendly nature will put you at ease as she captures the special moments of your day. Highly recommend you check her out on the links below:




Ta ta for now!

Olivia x