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How To Make A Moodboard

I love moodboarding! Wedding moodboards are a great way to collect your ideas and display them in a way that’s accessible to you. Even though Pinterest is a fantastic resource for doing this, I’m old fashioned and like getting stuck in. Here’s how to make a real moodboard.

Top Tip: Take your moodboards with you to any supplier meetings, particularly with stationers, venue dressers and florists as it will help them create the wedding you envision.

You will need…

  • – An A3 piece of card or scrapbook

  • – Magazines or print outs of your inspiration

  • – Scissors

  • – Glue

  • – Coloured pens

  • – A cup of tea

  • – Time

Finding your inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere.

For example, there’s a charming restaurant in East London that uses empty glass cola bottles with lavender and daisies in them as table centres. That’s a perfect idea for wedding venue dressing and easy to do!

That said, the easiest place to find wedding inspiration is in a good old fashioned glossy magazine. Not only are magazines bursting with original ideas but they also have great advice on making the whole

wedding process easier. On a calm evening, curl up with a few wedding magazines and bookmark the things you like.

Start with your venue

If you have a picture of your venue I’d advise sticking it in the top corner of your moodboard as the style and interior of your venue will determine alot of your venue dressing choices. It’s really important to keep the venue decor in mind; you don’t want to end up inflicting a rustic theme on a regal stately home or using an overwhelming metallic colour scheme in a barn. It all needs to blend.

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet, have a think about what style of venue you’d like and stick a model image on your moodboard until you’ve booked one. For this board I’m going with a folksy stonewall barn.

Choose a colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme, remember that you can make any colour work. If your favourite colour is red and his is yellow, you can add orange into the mix and perhaps some deep burgundy accents to make the colours coordinate. Choose a colour scheme that will suit your venue as well as suiting you as a couple. For this one I’m going with a sugary yellow to brighten up the barn and make the interior nice and summery.

Build around your theme

Start cutting out images that match your colours and overall look. It can take time to form your ideas this way so you can always make more than one moodboard!

Add in any small details you like

Quirky ideas like moss table centres, chalkboard signs and macaron favours are all of personal taste. If you like them, stick them in! Put down every and any cutesy idea as they will make your day more personal.

Give your creation a name

This is entirely optional but I quite like labelling my moodboards. If you’re totally stuck then just put the name of your and your hubby – it’s your unique and special day!

Et Voila!

You’ve created a moodboard! It can take quite alot of time to collate your ideas this way but it really helps to visualise your wedding. You can then make supplier choices that match your style. If you’re torn between two different themes, moodboarding can help you decide which is best for you and your venue.

So happy moodboarding everyone!

Olivia x