So you have 24months to plan a destination wedding?

Well lucky you! I applaud you for deciding to have a long engagement because that's not an easy deciding to make!

That said.... 2 years is quite a long time when it comes to planning a destination wedding and let me tell you why:

  1. Your ideas can ebb and change alot in 2years which can cause issues if you start booking your creative suppliers straight away

  2. Many venue and suppliers will not have their rates decided for 2 years in advance which makes accurate budget planning a bit more difficult (a rule of thumb is that prices raise around 3-5% every year)

  3. You don't have the same level of momentum and forward motion that you get from shorter wedding planning timelines. 

But don't let that deter you!

With more time, comes more clarity and a slower planning process with plenty of natural breaks. 

Our 24 Month Destination Wedding Planning Timeline accounts for when you should take a nice break, what can be done in the first 6 months of your planning and how to spread out your tasks for fuss free planning. 

Simply fill in your details above and we'll send you your FREE copy!

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Nulyweds is an expert destination wedding planning service creating colourful, fun-fuelled, authentically Portuguese weddings for free-spirited millennials. As Olivia has over 5 years of experience crafting bespoke wedding days and in-depth knowledge of Portugal, you are in safe hands when navigating the world of destination wedding planning in this gorgeous land!

Have a look around and you'll discover why Portugal is the perfect place for your wedding, a bit more about Nulyweds and how we can help you bring your dream destination wedding in Portugal to life!

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