Planning Roadmap

Perhaps you are great organisers and eager to plan your wedding yourselves, but would just like a boost in the right direction to get you started. Our Personalised Planning Roadmap service gives you the opportunity to work with Olivia at the beginning of your planning to start your planning process in the right way! Read on to find out how this service can help you.

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We start with a 2 hour planning session which is a video call where we get into the nitty gritty of what you truly want. In this session we will discuss all aspects from venue styles, photography, styling, entertainment, food and drink, logistics and more. You are also free to ask as many questions as you like about how weddings typically work in Portugal and how best to go about your venue and supplier sourcing. We will also discuss what is realistic for your budget and how best to maximise your funds.


There are many varying factors that affect your wedding budgeting! After the planning session, I will have a great basis for creating a realistic budget for what you are after. Budgeting is extremely difficult to do without knowing the minute details of what you truly want, which is why we do the session first. This will be an itemized spreadsheet which you can take away and edit as your wedding planning progresses. 

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So you've got the advice and the budget plan, and now you need the outline of how to plan your wedding! My personalised wedding planning timeline will show you step by step exactly what needs to be done and by when for you to have a smooth wedding planning journey, right up to the big day itself! 


From this mini personalised service will come away with everything you need to plan your dream destination wedding on your own:

  • budget plan

  • personalised planning timeline

  • on-the-day schedule template

  • ceremony guide

  • stationery guide

  • packing list

  • group shot list template

Olivia Santos - Portugal Wedding Planner

The Personalised Planning Roadmap service is a flat fee of €250 + VAT (€307.50)

For an extra 1 hour session during your planning process for some expert support and troubleshooting, you can add this at any time for an extra €50 + VAT (€61.50)

To book, simply click the link below to pay and book your session.