Hey! My name is Olivia de Santos and welcome to my world. 

My story as a planner, as a Portugal lover and as a creative has been an unconventional one. To find out if I'm the right wedding planner for you, keep reading below.

the explorer


At 14 years old, with a face full of pimples and not a single word of Portuguese in my vocabulary, I moved to Portugal with my mother. What followed was a real adventure. Growing up in a new place was equal parts awkward and enlightening. I often felt out of my depth (although I do sometimes wonder whether that is the definition of being a teenager, foreign country or no foreign country!) Some of my favourite memories of those gangly teen years are of the long drives my Mum and I would take. We’d race through forests and valleys, around monasteries and cathedrals, past castles and beaches. I got a taste for exploration, discovering more about the culture, the people, the fables and the food of Portugal. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown more and more enchanted with this fair land and what it has to offer.



At 19, I was studying for my degree, and cultivating a pretty serious wedding blog addiction. I couldn’t shake the feeling that my dream job lay in the world of weddings, so I boldly wrote a handwritten letter on rose-printed paper to Debbie at Fabulous Together Weddings, asking for some work experience. I learned. So. Much: Working behind the scenes in venues, assisting with on-the-day co-ordination and meeting wonderful couples. In the space of 5 years I planned barn weddings, castle weddings, hotel weddings and tipi weddings, and each one taught me a little bit more, and made my heart beat a little bit faster.

the organiser

the creative


Nulyweds combines my love of Portugal with my love of planning to create authentically Portuguese weddings for colourful couples just like you. If you have a sense of adventure and want a destination wedding that is vibrant, relaxed and full of Portuguese flavour, I can help you bring that special day to life. My planning approach is efficient, friendly and fuss-free. You’ll feel in control of your wedding-day plans, without feeling overwhelmed by them. Think of me as your destination wedding planning personal assistant (I know it’s a mouthful, but it’ll make your life easier, promise!).I delight in bringing the very best to my couples and I can’t wait to make your dream wedding in Portugal happen!


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Nulyweds is an expert destination wedding planning service creating colourful, fun-fuelled, authentically Portuguese weddings for free-spirited millennials. As Olivia has over 5 years of experience crafting bespoke wedding days and in-depth knowledge of Portugal, you are in safe hands when navigating the world of destination wedding planning in this gorgeous land!

Have a look around and you'll discover why Portugal is the perfect place for your wedding, a bit more about Nulyweds and how we can help you bring your dream destination wedding in Portugal to life!

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